Video of the day: Facebook love story falls flat on its face

Published: October 11, 2011

A screenshot from the video.

KARACHI: Far from being a refreshing view, the music video ‘Facebook Love story’ unfortunately encapsulates the dearth of creativity and originality in the local industry. 

A brainchild of Asim Subhani — disguised as a girl in the song — the video is dedicated to and inspired by Moin Akhtar.

The genre of the song is rock/pop and is an upbeat number. Vocals are by Subhani who leads the band “Paplu-Taplu”. The song has adapted Lion King’s ever-famous “Hakuna Matata” catch-line.

Although the video starts off pretty well it ends on an off-note far removed from the promising start.

In particular, the video’s plot ends abruptly and without meaning, leaving the viewer disoriented about the storyline that promised to be the song’s strong point.

Video rating: Thumbs down for dedicating this attempt at comedy to the legendary Moin Akhtar.

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