Counter-terrorism: General Kayani warns Afghanistan against cross-border activities

Pak-Saudi armed forces carry out joint military exercises in Mangla.

Express October 07, 2011
Counter-terrorism: General Kayani warns Afghanistan against cross-border activities

Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani issued a warning to Afghanistan on Thursday to stop cross-border activities in Pakistan.

Addressing a Pak-Saudi joint military exercise programme in Mangla, Kayani asserted that no such activities would be tolerated and that Pakistan “possesses the capability to respond to any situation”.

Last month, Pakistan lodged a formal protest with the Afghan government over cross-border attacks emanating from Kunar and Nuristan  provinces in Afghanistan  against Pakistani check posts.

During the address, the Army chief said the people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share a deep and strong friendship, adding that the objective of the ongoing joint exercises was to improve counter-terrorism.

Kayani also said that military operations were not the ideal solution for every problem, adding that the global community was well aware of this fact.

Military exercise

The Pak-Saudi joint military exercises were part of a larger attempt to provide the opportunity to troops from both sides to benefit from each other’s training experiences. Kayani and the Saudi chief were also present to monitor the exercises.

During the session, armed forces from both countries successfully carried out training drills to improve and enhance counter-terrorism strategies. The drill is part of three-week joint military exercise programme which aims at sharing information through inclusive training. The session will also include collective training at the unit and brigade level to observe drills and procedures in low intensity conflict operations.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 7th, 2011.


Lahori | 12 years ago | Reply To the comments editor at ET: Allowing commentators to keep names of serving high-profile officials such as this commentator calling himself "Gen Pasha (retd)" is against the code of conduct of any sensible media outlet's journalistic ethos and bias. There should be no permission of letting anyone keep the names of ANY real official in the politics especially the military because these tend to create confusion at large. Kindly take note before I send a complaint to the ISPR. With good intentions.
Noor (Pakistani) | 12 years ago | Reply First u r saying tht u r from pak then u r writing 'we (Afghans) lol ..really didn't get ur point... + get ur facts right ... Y will stable 'Afghanistan' demand for our land.. we gave them refuge & shelter...if they are settled over there so it doesn't mean tht Pakistan will break in to pieces in order to make silly karzai happy ! + don't compare aghanistan's situation wid Pakistan coz both r in a complete different situation ! Afghanistan is still wid USA and ur leader have openly declared and showed tht he is a puppet of USA ..his blames on Pakistan is a conspiracy against dignity of Pakistan .. India must be ur great ' Big brother ' bcoz India is the largest donor ov Afghanistan but in our case..our history is simply opposite ..we can never side wid them politically , though v still respect India as our neighbor ! Karzai apparently went to ask for donations but in actual it was a political Plan ..which in future can be against Pakistan! And I am wid my army against such actions !
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