Pakistan asks US to follow up on Raymond Davis inquiry

Pakistan Embassy in Washington reminds US Justice Department to follow up on its promise of conducting an inquiry.

Huma Imtiaz/express October 04, 2011

WASHINGTON: The Pakistan Embassy in Washington has asked the United States (US) Department of Justice to follow up on its promise of conducting an inquiry into the Raymond Davis episode that took place in Lahore earlier this year.

While working as a CIA contractor in Pakistan, Davis shot two men dead in Lahore on January 27, saying they were trying to rob him.

Diplomatic sources told The Express Tribune that US officials had been reminded of their promise to investigate the incident, which had sent shockwaves through Pakistan as hundreds took to the streets to protest the killing of the alleged robbers.

The incident sparked a controversy over whether his status gave Davis diplomatic immunity, causing a standoff in US-Pakistan relations amid intense international media focus on the issue.

He was eventually freed on March 16 when victim’s families pardoned him in exchange for $2.34 million in compensation under Islamic law.

Davis was recently arrested by Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies on misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault and disorderly conduct after an altercation over a parking spot outside an Einstein Bagels at the Town Center in Highlands Ranch, according to a report in The Denver Post.

Davis was Saturday released after posting a $1,750 bond.


H.A. Khan | 10 years ago | Reply

"The US senator (Kerry)assured that a complete investigation would be carried out in the US and proper action would be taken against Davis by the US justice department. "

amir jafri | 10 years ago | Reply

Luhoo kaa SuraaGh

Faiz Ahmad "Faiz"

kaheeN naheeN hai, kaheeN bhee naheeN luhoo kaa suraaGh nah dast-o-naaKkhun-e-qaatil, nah aasteeN peh nishaaN nah surKhee-e-lab-e-Khanjar, nah raNg-e-nok-e-sinaaN nah Khaak par koyee dhabbaa, nah baam par koyee daaGh kaheeN naheeN hai, kaheeN bhee naheeN luhoo kaa suraaGh!

nah Sarf-e-Khidmat-e-shaahaaN ko KhooNbahaa dete nah deeN kee naZr keh bai,a'anah-e-jazaa dete nah razm-gaah meN barsaa keh mo'tabar hotaa kisee a'lam peh raqam ho ke mushtahar hotaa

pukaartaa rahaa, be-aasraa, yateem luhoo kisee ko behr-e-samaa,a't nah waqt thaa nah dimaaGh nah mudda,e'e, nah shahaadat, Hisaab paak huwaa yeh Khoon-e-Khaak-nisheenaaN thaa, rizq-e-Khaak huwaa!

Translation ( by me) Nowhere, but nowhere is a clue of the (spilled) blood No trace on the hands, the nails or the sleeve of the killer Th blade of the knife not tinted red nor is the dagger colored No blot on the dust nor a spot on the rooftop Nowhere, but nowhere is a clue of the (spilled) blood

Expended it was not for kings; so that blood money was to be paid Nor in the service of Faith ; that a reward for steadfastness was due It was not shed fighting at the battle field So that all would have known by the red spots on the banner

This disavowed orphaned blood cried out called; in vain No one had the time nor the temperament to stop and listen This blood was for the dwellers on the dust; and there did it go

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