Twitter alert: Death for Salmaan Taseer's killer

Some express joy over verdict while some find the capital punishment too harsh.

Ema Anis October 01, 2011

Mumtaz Qadri, the self-confessed murderer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, was sentenced to death on Saturday. While some people were joyous to have justice served in the country, others found the capital punishment too harsh.

Here is what the local twitterati had to say about the verdict:


One reason I was against his death sentence was, he will get clemency and roam free in another six months


I just can't make self approve of the death sentence, but if someone has to be on receiving end, Salmaan Taseer's killer would be my choice.


It's a bit weird when a death sentence being announced gives me joy and hope.


One #Qadri down how many more to go?


We are nobody to decide whether justice been done with Mumtaz Qadri (particularly)or not....Only Allah knows the best


Mumtaz Qadri gets death sentence ... What a wonderful day ... Finally justice has been prevailed .. The Taseers stand victorious .


Unfortunately the battle for justice in the #Qadri case is not over. They still have the opp to appeal. Sadly. #Pakistan


Well said. @dnoorani: Let us not celebrate the death sentence ofQadri, but rather silently acknowledge that justice has been served.


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grain2315 | 10 years ago | Reply

@AN: if i misunderstood your comments than my apologies. but than maybe qadri and his ilk should learn to talk and debate...thats not going to happen though as long as he war goes on?

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