As flood victims protest, China donates 3,000 tents

Shortage of portable water is forcing affected people to drink flood water.

Express September 23, 2011

KARACHI: In ongoing relief efforts, China has donated 3,000 tents for Sindh flood affectees on Friday.

China sent the tents via four air crafts to Pakistan.

The Chinese Counsel General handed over these tents to Provincial Disaster Management Director at the Karachi airport for distribution among flood affectees.

The Chinese Counsel General said his country will always stand with Pakistan in difficult times.

While efforts continue to tackle the catastrophe, flood affectees in lower and central Sindh have protested against the shortage of basic necessities including food, medicines and clean drinking water.

People from several districts protested against the shortage of aid and the government's inability to drain flood waters from several villages in Sindh. Police have reportedly baton charged people protesting the ineffective and insufficient aid.

A shutter down strike is also being observed in the southern town of Kunri.

Standing waters in several areas have started to spread diseases and many people have been infected with gastroenteritis, malaria and skin related diseases.

Snake bites and water borne diseases are also common. Shortage of portable water is forcing people to drink flood water.


John B | 11 years ago | Reply

@Mohammad naeem: I have no qualms in PAK accepting aid from china. More the better. But do not think all Chinese -PAK relationship is altruistic. China's sovereign (gov) investment in PAK coal, mining, gas, port etc has terms that is not good for PAK Economic independence. Ideally PAK should have auctioned it off to get the maximum for her people by increasing investor competition. Do people know the terms of the transactions with china. ? PAK market will be flooded with Chinese goods decimating local craftsmen livelihood. In US it is a different story but for PAK it is not good. PAK exports raw material to china not finished goods. China exports to PAK finished goods which carry high trade value.

American aid built PAK since 1947. Look at the Indus canal system, the roads and fly overs, Karachi nuclear plant, police vehicles, etc. American aid is building schools. Lot of US aid flowed through the PAK gov even before the war but not utilized properly. Current war? No body wanted it but PAK is in the middle of it from day one even before sept 11.

The truth is US is keeping PAK afloat but current Islamic fundamentalism is so high in PAK, anti-US has become a policy without regard to facts. No one is asking PAK to take the aid. How many commemorative coins did PAK mint for all the US support even before the present war?

Mohammad naeem | 11 years ago | Reply

@imran and all us always donate or give aid to pakistan for their self intrests and for fulfilment of their calculated plans. While if china helps us it does neither ask us to fight their war nor want a relation that of master-slave from us. Enough.

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