What other choice do people have?

Published: September 22, 2011

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM: This is with reference to George Fulton’s article of September 22 titled “Yes we Khan” which was, on the whole, a good and balanced piece.

Being someone who has seen the party from inside, I fully agree with Mr Fulton when he says this of the PTI: “It’s a party of yes-men, doing the bidding of their chairman.”

If real talent joins the party, it has to remain at arm’s length from central decision-making, or it will be ousted one way or the other. If you disagree with the chairman, or even indulge in mild criticism, you can expect everyone else in the party to be against you.

The problem is, who else is there to look up to? Between his fans and his haters, the few of us in the middle trying to rationalise our choice, or the less of it, come up with this simple question. Who else to vote then? Unlike rest of the political lot, at least he gave this country something.

Ahsan Mansoor

Published in The Express Tribune, September 23rd,  2011.

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