Pakistan gets fourth F-16 jet

The latest fighter is the fourth out of a total of eighteen to be supplied by America.

Express July 05, 2010


The United States has handed over another brand new Block 52 F-16 fighter jet to the Pakistan Air Force.

The latest fighter is the fourth out of a total of eighteen to be supplied by America. It belongs to the C and D family and is armed to the teeth with latest equipment.

The jet has now been inducted into the Pakistan Air Force. The US will supply the remaining fourteen F-16s next year.


Syed Zulfiqar | 11 years ago | Reply Over 400 billion is being devoured by corruption. It is extremely important that we should invest on our defence, side by side save money from corruption and utilize these on health and education. We are spending almost half of our budget in corruption.
IZ | 11 years ago | Reply Yes, look at the USSR - they spent on nukes, submarines, fighters, ICBMs, bombers, tanks, rather than improving their economy or investing in education and look at how well that worked out for them. As for the people saying that the cost of these planes is negligible, we are spending $1.4 billion on the new fighters and $1.3 billion to upgrade existing fighters. That is $2,700,000,000. Which comes to about Rupees 229,500,000,000 (Rs. 230 billion). Total education budget for the last year was approx 26 billion rupees, so we spend about 9 times as much on these toys that will not do one jot to make us more secure or safe.
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