Amir’s match-fixing confession (II)

Published: September 18, 2011

KARACHI: Most of the players in the national cricket team belong to the lower-middle or middle class. This would mean that they are not too well off and that cricket makes them reasonably affluent. However, this lure of money, as seen from Amir’s confession, clearly is too much for some of them. Furthermore, the lack of good education among many is also to blame for their misconduct. At the very least, those who are involved in match-fixing and related misdeeds do not know how to distinguish right from wrong.

The Pakistan Cricket Board should now see to it that discipline and ethics are enforced strictly across the board for all players, with heavy penalties on any player who violates the code, regardless of his stature and seniority in the team.

Haider Rizvi

Published in The Express Tribune, September 19th,  2011.

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  • Kashif
    Sep 19, 2011 - 2:15PM

    middle class? education? do you know of Salman butt’s family and his education?

    it’s not about just education and background, it’s about values – which most of our players are deprived of!


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