Sindh floods: At Pakistan’s appeal, China steps up

UNICEF report says that many of the victims of this year’s inundation were also affected last year.

Express September 12, 2011


Responding to Pakistan’s appeal for international assistance China on Sunday announced that it would supply relief goods worth $4.7 million for Pakistan’s flood victims.

The appeal came as the United Nations has said that millions of people affected by the floods this year are those who are still suffering from last year’s floods, which affected 20 million people across the country.

Unicef, the children’s fund of the United Nations, has said that up to 2.5 million children have been affected by severe monsoon floods in the southern parts of the country, many of whom are still recovering from the worst floods in the country’s history just a year ago.

“Children are the most vulnerable in any emergency, and in this disaster many are experiencing the devastating effects of a flood emergency for the second time in a year. Their coping mechanisms were already weak and their vulnerabilities high,” said Dan Rohrmann UNICEF’s representative in Pakistan.

In Sindh alone, hundreds of thousands of families have been affected across 22 out of 23 districts. Nearly one million homes have been destroyed or damaged, causing population displacement.

Over 200,000 people are now staying in more than 1,400 relief camps, consisting primarily of government schools, buildings and makeshift tented settlements, according to preliminary figures released by the National Disaster Management Authority.

The government had earlier said that they had sufficient resources and the capacity to deal with the disaster and did not require international assistance. But as the situation in Sindh worsened due to torrential rains, the prime minister delivered a prime time address, appealing to the international community and donors to step forward and help Pakistan.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 12th,  2011.


Ahmer Ali | 12 years ago | Reply

Assalam-o-Allaikum Warahmatullah.The begging has been the favorite hobby of our corrupt,beggars and slaves leaders and this is true that old habit goes hard.Allah Almighty has bestowed His greatest and endless blessings,favors and boons on Pakistan in the form of minerals,oil and gas and made Pakistan a wealthy state with these blessings and boons and by utilizing these blessings in the positive the ways honestly and sincerely Pakistan could be made a real independent state in the world and during the any natural disasters and calamities we shall never need foreign aids and loans but unfortunately our corrupt leaders especially since 1971 have destroyed Pakistan economically and financially just for their personal objectives and corruption and to collect more and more $$$$$$$.The only need of the hour is to utilize these blessings and favors with honesty and sincerity in practical sense to make Pakistan a real Islamic welfare state so that we could get real sovereignty and integrity and we could stand on our own feet without any other countries' aids and loans.But due to the lack of sincerity and honesty with Allah Almighty and disobeying the Quran and Sunnah openly by showing effrontery Allah Almighty has made us the international beggars and if we adopt real laws of simplicity and cutting all the useless and extra expenditures of our lives from common man to leaders as has been described in Quran and Sunnah we can easily fulfill our expenditures under any circumstances either in natural calamities and disasters or in peace and tranquility.

Khan | 12 years ago | Reply

Though $4.7M is nothing compared to the devastation, its still a nice gesture. I would have expected more.

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