SC disposes appeal against NRO verdict

Supreme Court on Thursday disposed off the federation's appeal against the NRO verdict.

Express July 01, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday disposed off the federation's appeal against the NRO verdict after the court's Registrar Office objected against the petition.

The federation has been asked to file a new petition after fixing it as the Registrar's Office had earlier objected to the amended review petition filed by federation lawyer Kamal Azfar.

The Registrar's Office said the language used in the petition was inappropriate and it was filed on irrelevant grounds. It said the federation was a party during NRO hearings and its claims that its arguments were not heard were incorrect.

Justice Shakirullah Jan asked the federation to file a fresh petition after fixing the objectionable parts. The court also allowed induction of additional grounds in the petition.


Mussadiq | 12 years ago | Reply All these criminals must be punished, but I am 0% hopefull because this country is made for corrupts run by corrupts
Sharjeel Jawaid | 12 years ago | Reply While I support many actions and policies of General Musharraf; my most serious dissent, has been the issues of NRO. Both he and the beneficiaries of NRO have turned no stone in justifying it. Can all wrongs cooked together make an iota of right? While Pakistani jails are stuffed with petty criminals, and quite a few innocent souls, the plunderers of national wealth have been given free and honorable exit. Similarly, I do not subscribe to the concept of plea bargains NAB practiced during the rule of General Musharraf. History would have been rewritten if the perpetuators were genuinely indicted. Dear General Musharraf, please come forward and update your memoirs. Can you really justify both the above actions? PS / I have the first version with your autograph.
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