Spanish PM urges NATO unity on Gaza similar to unity over Ukraine

Sanchez stressed the importance of a consistent political stance, emphasizing international law for both countries.

Anadolu Agency July 11, 2024
Anadolu Agency

Speaking at a NATO summit, Spain’s prime minister urged the alliance partners to show the same "unity and consistency" on Gaza as they have demonstrated on Ukraine.

"We cannot be accused of applying double standards that would weaken our support for Ukraine. On the contrary, we demand the same unity and consistency for Gaza as we do in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine,” Pedro Sanchez told fellow NATO heads of state or government at an Atlantic Council session held in Washington, according to Spanish press reports based on sources from the prime minister's office.

He stressed: "It is important for our citizens to understand that we have a consistent political stance and that there are no double standards.

“If we're telling our people that we support Ukraine because we defend international law, we must do the same for Gaza. If we demand respect for international law in Ukraine, we must demand it in Gaza as well."

Sanchez is attending NATO’s 75th anniversary summit, which is set to conclude later Thursday.

With Israel accused of war crimes in Gaza at international courts, as well as by many countries and global watchdogs, Western countries have been accused of hypocrisy in continuing to support Israel’s offensive while condemning Russia’s alleged atrocities in Ukraine.

Israel's nine-month offensive has taken over 38,000 lives while injuring at least 88,000 others, while its tight blockade on food, water, and aid shipments has resulted in famine conditions throughout Gaza, according to the UN and other international observers.

Israel has also attacked schools, hospitals, and houses of worship, all civilian facilities off limits to attacks under the laws of war.


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