'Claim to Fame' Season 3 unveils star-studded celebrity connections

Fans speculate on hidden ties in 'Claim to Fame' season 3 as contestants reveal their famous relatives.

Pop Culture & Art July 11, 2024
Courtesy: DISNEY

ABC's 'Claim to Fame' returned for its third season on July 10, bringing with it a slew of celebrity relatives and intense competition. 

Hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, the show features 12 contestants, each linked to a notable public figure, vying for a $100,000 prize.

Ahead of the premiere, PEOPLE exclusively previewed the cast, sparking fan theories about the hidden connections among them. Participants like Bianca, revealed as Robin Roberts' niece, and Danny, hinted at connections to Dwayne Johnson or Bad Bunny, have kept viewers guessing.

The season promises high stakes, with past winners including Loreal (Keke Palmer's sister) and Gabriel (Nick Cannon's brother), setting the bar for star power. Co-hosts Jonas brothers teased this season features the most famous relatives yet, heightening anticipation.

As the competition unfolds, viewers are glued to clues like Bianca's Peabody Award hint or Shane's nod to an iconic Hollywood figure. With contestants like Mackenzie suggesting ties to Tony winners and Naomi hinting at Brat Pack lineage, the guessing game intensifies.

The series continues to captivate audiences with its blend of suspense and celebrity intrigue, highlighting the enduring appeal of uncovering Hollywood's lesser-known family ties.


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