Lahorites beat the heat with milky desserts

Customers flock to eateries in Gawalmandi

BILAL GHAURI June 26, 2024
Citizens of Lahore traditionally enjoy breakfast dishes suiting the seasons. photo: express


Saleem opens his shop in the Gawalmandi area at five in the morning to serve a popular local dairy dessert called Makhan Pera along with fresh bread and Lassi to his customers.

The shop owner told The Express Tribune that a small plate of the butter product costs Rs100 with Rs40 for a glass of the yogurt drink.

Customers from all over the city start coming to the shop early in the morning to have Makhan Pera for breakfast.

Saleem said he sells out by 10am all year round.

“However, the sales are highest during the summer months. The people of Lahore are maintaining their tradition of having cool milky desserts to beat the heat,” he said.

A customers said his family had been visiting the market in the old city area to eat the Makhan Pera in the morning for many years, especially during the summer holidays.

He said the dish is served with Kulcha and Lassi. The price has increased with time but because of the taste and traditional lure, the popularity of the dishes among the people of Lahore has not decreased.

Feeqa’s Peray Wali Lassi located in Gawalmandi is also a famous feature of the walled city an indispensable part of its culinary identity.

Feeqa prepares the drink in the traditional way. Butter is put in a customary vessel and mashed for a long time.

As soon as it is mixed well, curd, sugar and other ingredients are added to it and mixed well before being served to customers in large glasses.

A glass of Feeqa’s Lassi is bigger than that offered from normal outlets and its price ranges from Rs200 to Rs250. It takes at least half an hour to meticulously prepare the beverage that leaves the consumer satiated for several hours.

There are many vendors selling the milky beverages and desserts around the metropolis but the traditional outlets in the old city have maintained their popularity.


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