Who is the new key-bearer of Holy Kaaba?

Sheikh Abdul Wahab Al Shaibi entrusted with Bab-e-Tauba, Shrine of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) duties

News Desk June 25, 2024


Al Shaibi family in Saudi Arabia announced on Monday the handover of the key of the Kaaba to its eldest son, Sheikh Abdul Wahab bin Zain Al Abidin Al Shaibi.

The new caretaker of the Kaaba received the key, along with the responsibility of Bab-e-Tauba, in Arabic means ‘Door of Repentance’ and the shrine of the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), from Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Shaibi, the eldest son of the former caretaker, Dr Saleh Al Shaibi.

On June 22, the chief key holder of the Holy Kaaba, Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba, passed away.

According to a post on X, he was prayed upon in Masjid Al Haram and laid to rest in Al Mualla Cemetery.

Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba was the 109th successor to the companion Uthman ibn Talha and the 109th guardian of the Kaaba.

The next guardian will continue to be from the Al Shaibi Family, according to a post on X by an official handle, Inside the Haramain.

Speaking to the media, Abdul Wahab expressed his sentiments, saying, "It is an honour for me. Please pray that I may serve the House of Allah with utmost devotion."

It is noted that the Key of the Kaaba is typically entrusted to the eldest member of the Banu Shaibi tribe, a tradition respected by the Saudi government to this day.

The Holy Kaaba, located in the heart of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, is the most sacred site in Islam. Muslims around the world face the Kaaba during their daily prayers, and it is the focal point of the Hajj pilgrimage, a mandatory religious duty for Muslims.


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