Rishi Kapoor often lost his cool on set, says Nana Patekar

Rishi Kapoor had a short temper on set, Nana Patekar shares during a film promotion event

News Desk June 25, 2024
Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor. PHOTO: FILE

Veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar revealed that the late Rishi Kapoor often lost his temper during film shoots.

Speaking at a film promotion event, Patekar recalled working with Kapoor in a 1995 film, where Kapoor's on-set behaviour was challenging.

"He would get angry very quickly," Patekar said. "Once, when I asked for a reshoot, he cursed at me and told the director to get rid of me."

Patekar noted that Kapoor, known for his short temper, refused to reshoot scenes, often becoming visibly agitated.

"He had a strong personality, and reshooting scenes would make him furious," Patekar added.

Despite their on-set tensions, Patekar mentioned that he and Kapoor developed a friendship off the set. "We became good friends outside the set," he said.

Rishi Kapoor, a superstar of his time, passed away in 2020 due to cancer.

His son, Ranbir Kapoor, continues his legacy in Bollywood.


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