Whether or not a woman smokes is none of your business: Sadaf Kanwal

Model claps back at trolls who police women online

Entertainment Desk June 23, 2024

Pakistani model and actor Sadaf Kanwal has once again made waves with her candid appearance on an Eid special interview with IQE. Known for her straightforward personality and fearless opinions, Sadaf addressed various topics, including her reputation in the industry, her views on Pakistani cinema, and her staunch stance on personal freedom—particularly regarding smoking.

Addressing allegations of being disingenuous, Sadaf stated, “I am not a fake person in any respect. I am what I am. You approach me, I will respond to you politely. Some people say I am fake but that’s not true.”

She furthered on, “You give me love, I’ll reciprocate. There are many people in the industry whom I don’t talk to or don’t meet. There are actors I don’t like so in response, they call me fake. I say okay. Everyone’s a little fake at times, even I have to be.”

Sadaf also shared her thoughts on the current state of Pakistani cinema, singling out directors Nadeem Baig and Nabeel Qureshi for their entertaining films. “Every Eid, I look forward to watching films by two directors. Nadeem Baig and Nabeel Qureshi. Their films have spice. They are fun to watch, it’s a good pastime.”

According to the model, it is worth unpacking why only a handful of directors are capable of making decent films. She said, “I even said before that my last Eid went very poorly because neither made a film and I watched three other films. In my status, I wrote how my three days had been an utter waste. Are there only two directors left in this country to make decent films? Don’t we have others? Some people were pissed off by my statement but I said what I said.”

The highlight of the interview, however, was Sadaf's strong comments on personal freedom and respect, particularly concerning smoking. Reflecting on her own experience, she remarked, “I used to smoke but I have quit now. But you shouldn’t pass remarks on others.”

“Whether or not a woman smokes is none of your business. It’s her will to do whatever she wants. She’s not your sister or daughter. It’s her life. Just because you can access someone’s Instagram, you are ripping people to shreds. Stop doing this,” she firmly stated.

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