N3on and Jack Doherty banned from Kick after Physical altercation at event

Physical altercation at BKFC led to a Kick ban for N3on and Jack Doherty

Pop Culture & Art June 22, 2024

Streamers Jack Doherty and N3on have been banned from the streaming platform Kick following a physical altercation at a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) event in Florida on June 21. The incident occurred while both were IRL live streaming from the event.

The confrontation began when N3on approached Doherty inside the venue, questioning his actions. “What are you pointing at, bro? What do you get out of that, bro?” N3on asked. Doherty responded by pushing N3on backward into the crowd, leading to a brawl between the streamers and their teams. Punches were thrown, and the fight lasted approximately 20 seconds before security intervened and separated the groups.

As N3on and his team were being escorted out, Doherty allegedly chased and attacked him from behind. N3on’s security guard, Leon, quickly reacted, striking Doherty and pushing him back. Another brief scuffle ensued before both groups left the venue.

Following the incident, both N3on and Doherty's profiles were removed from Kick, displaying a 404 error message: “Oops, something went wrong. We can’t find the page you’re looking for.” Although the exact reason for the ban was not specified, fans speculate that it was due to a violation of Kick’s Violence policy, which states, “There is no deliberate, real-world excessive violence allowed on Kick.”

N3on has not commented publicly on the ban, while Doherty has made several posts on his Twitter/X account. In response to a clip from N3on threatening legal action, Doherty wrote, “Bro talking about trying to sue me. This is the second time you say this lie defaming my name when you know it’s not true. Two can play at that game, bro.”

As of now, neither N3on, Jack Doherty, nor Kick has provided an official statement regarding the bans.



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