Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick roasts Bill Maher on ‘Real Time’

Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick humorously roasts Bill Maher and his new book on ‘Real Time.’

Pop Culture & Art June 22, 2024

Martin Short's beloved character Jiminy Glick made a return appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher," where he humorously roasted the host and his new book. Known for his brash interviewing style, Glick didn't hold back during the segment.

During the interview, Glick praised Maher's recently published book, "What This Comedian Said Will Shock You," though he admitted he hadn't actually read it. “I love this book,” Glick said, holding a copy. “I haven’t read it. No, I’ve read it cover and cover, but nothing inside. But word gets back that it’s delightful.”

Glick's questions included a mix of jabs and interruptions. At one point, he asked, “Everyone seems to love your book, but why trash Harriet Tubman?” When Maher clarified that his book doesn’t mention Tubman negatively, Glick moved on, asking, “Well, my assistant is rarely wrong, but your book is a triumph. What do you owe its success to, low expectations?… How does it feel to dominate a dying medium?”

Maher attempted to respond to Glick's queries, discussing the decline of reading in the modern world and expressing gratitude for his book's success. However, he was interrupted when Glick pretended to fall asleep mid-answer.

Glick continued his satirical onslaught, commenting on Maher's opinions about COVID-19: “I’ve always loved Bill Maher’s opinions… Opinions about COVID, the whole COVID thing. I ‘love’ getting my medical advice from a club act.” When Maher tried to elaborate on his pandemic views, Glick abruptly changed the subject, asking, “Other than [Scientology founder] L. Ron Hubbard, who has influenced you?”

The interview concluded with Glick's harshest critique. He asked Maher, “Other than lacking one, what do you think your comedy legacy will be?” Before Maher could respond, Glick added sarcastically, “Really, Bill, because everyone loves you. They do. I mean, Republicans don’t like you, Democrats don’t like you… but your wife and kids do.” (Bill Maher does not have a wife and kids.)

In his closing remark, Glick complimented Maher's book and humorously acknowledged Maher's role in the interview, saying, “I feel that the boring and tedious guests make me a better interviewer, so thank you.”


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