I told Humayun Saeed to stop calling me 'Aapa' since my husband is younger than him: Bushra Ansari

Actor recently announced her marriage to longtime partner, Iqbal Hussain

Entertainment Desk June 22, 2024

During an interview with a local news channel, Pakistani film and television actor Bushra Ansari humorously disclosed that she instructed Humayun Saeed to stop addressing her as “Aapa.” She playfully reasoned, “I have a younger husband than you” and so it’s only fair that he refrains from using the term.

Amidst laughter, Bushra expressed that she doesn’t mind being called “Aapa,” as it reflects respect. She said, “Some people take offence to being called Aapa, but I don’t because at one point, it used to be Madam and that was a strange formality. There’s only one Madam and that is Noor Jahan. Aapa has a closeness to it. When cameramen or directors call you Aapa, its out of respect.” The actor then jokingly quipped, “Try calling Hania Aamir Aapa and see what happens.”

Bushra recently delighted her fans by announcing her marriage to Iqbal Hussain, her longtime partner. The announcement was met with an outpour of love and blessings from her admirers as she embarked on a new chapter of her life. As the host congratulated her on her marriage, the 68-year-old replied with, “This is all God’s will. No one can plan something like this.” Bushra then went on to comment on peoples’ opinions on her relationship with her now husband. “Before, peoples’ opinions were there own, now they have technology and are easily able to broadcast what they like and what they don’t like.” She furthered on to say, “There’s still room for men to marry when they’re older because their children think they’re lonely. But for women, there’s no such thing. Children expect their mothers to remain in the kitchen, cooking at that age, not getting married.”

Known for her positive attitude on set, Bushra shared how she got the reputation of being one of the easiest-going actors actors in the industry. “Whenever I work, everyone always asks me how I stay so positive on set. The only person more positive than me is Javaid Sheikh, he’s always laughing on set, even if we’re working late,” she revealed. “I avoid getting my makeup done on set as well. I do it myself in case I don’t like something, then I won't have to complain about it. So, there are a lot of situations I remove myself from, to avoid any tensions. I truly believe that wherever you go to work, leave your personal problems at home,” the Udaari actor concluded.

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