Price gouging soars during Eid holidays

Prices for essential edibles double overnight

Our Correspondent June 20, 2024


The country experienced rampant price gouging, with vendors cashing in on the increased demand for essential edibles during the Eid holidays.

Prices for essential ingredients such as green spices, lemons, onions, ginger, and garlic soared past the usual high mark.

On the day before Eid, the price of tomatoes went through the roof, doubling overnight, while onions saw a hike of up to Rs60 per kilogram. The prices of ginger and garlic also shot up by Rs100 to Rs150 per kilogram.  The trend continued unabated for three days.

Similarly, in Karachi, tomatoes that were sold for Rs100 to Rs120 per kilogram before Eid skyrocketed to Rs250 per kilogram during the holiday.  Onions were sold at Rs160 per kilogram, while lemons fetched an eye-watering Rs600 per kilogram. Bundles of coriander and mint, typically sold for Rs20, were marked up to Rs40 to Rs50.

Ginger was sold for Rs800 to Rs1000 per kilogram, and garlic prices ranged from Rs700 to Rs800 per kilogram. Cucumbers, previously priced at Rs100 per kilogram, were sold for Rs150.

Moreover, raw papaya, used to tenderise meat, saw its price double, reaching Rs200 per kilogram.

Similarly, the demand for yoghurt surged during the Eid holidays, leading to a milk supply shortage in many cities. Consequently, many milk shops were shut down during the day, adding insult to injury for the consumers.



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