Current govt lacks legitimacy and their methods are flawed: Gandapur

K-P M says ‘fake cases’ against Imran Khan aimed at forcing him to abandon his ideology, but that will never happen

News Desk June 17, 2024
K-P CM Ali Amin Gandapur. PHOTO: FILE

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur has vowed to fight for the rights of the people, stating that they will leave no stone unturned, and those who wish to enslave the nation will face the consequences.

In his statement, the chief minister said, "Our leader Imran Khan is currently imprisoned on fake charges, and these cases are being dragged out to keep him behind bars for a long time. The aim is to force him to abandon his ideology and movement, but that will never happen."

Gandapur stated that Imran Khan has initiated a movement to awaken the nation. He appealed to the judiciary to dismiss these fake cases swiftly and make decisions based on merit.

He criticised the federal government, calling it a "Form 47" government that has stolen the public's mandate. "The government in power has no legitimacy, and the methods they are using to run the country are flawed," Gandapur said.

He claimed that Imran Khan's government was ousted through a conspiracy, and the current PDM government was installed as a puppet regime. "The state of the country under the PDM government is evident to everyone."

Gandapur accused the government of delaying general elections, thereby violating the Constitution and initiating a fascist era aimed at dismantling the PTI. "This period was one of the darkest not only in Pakistan's history but in the history of the world," he stated.

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The chief minister urged those in power to learn from their mistakes and reform, instead of pushing forward with fascist policies. He referred to the current government as a "curse" and warned that its negative effects would impact those who imposed it as well.

Gandapur expressed the nation's discontent with the current rulers and the institutions that brought them to power, highlighting the widespread belief that these leaders have looted the country.

He asserted that anyone who thinks Imran Khan's popularity or public resolve would diminish is mistaken. "Our spirits are high, and we know how to claim our rights. This government is treating Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa unfairly, but we will continue our fight for our rights."

He called the federal budget a "fraud" and "joke" with the nation. "Just as they are dishonest, the budget presented is based on false statistics. We had announced that the salaries of employees would be increased in line with the federal government. Once again, I demand that the province's dues and funds for merged districts be paid. We face issues of law and order and unemployment, and we have provided a welfare budget to address these concerns."

Gandapur condemned the trolling against Imran Khan and PTI leaders, stating that it would not yield any benefits. "Even your families and children reject your policies," he said.

He concluded by expressing the nation's disappointment with the institutions and the judiciary. "The nation now looks to the judiciary for justice. Those who have taken prohibited items from the Toshakhana are now the President, Prime Minister, and Chief Ministers, while parties accused of money laundering, with evidence provided by the institutions themselves, are in power today."

The chief minister reiterated that both the country and its institutions belong to the people. He urged the institutions to focus on their intended functions and avoid actions that bring disgrace to the country.


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