Mark Hamill protests X (formerly Twitter) Removing Likes tab on profiles

Mark Hamill protests X (formerly Twitter) likes tab removal, sparking the viral hashtag ‘#BringBackLIKES.’

Pop Culture & Art June 15, 2024

On June 12, 2024, Twitter/X removed the user’s ability to see posts liked by users, stating that while individuals can still see who liked their own posts, they can no longer view the likes of random users. 

This change has sparked significant backlash, notably from Mark Hamill, renowned for his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Hamill expressed his dissatisfaction with the update on his X account, initiating the hashtag "#BringBackLIKES," which quickly went viral. “I WANT people to know it was me that liked their tweets. Now my only option is to reply & write the word ‘like’,” he stated. Hamill questioned the platform's changes, asking, “How can we get the powers-that-be to STOP ‘improving’ this site?”

To protest, Hamill began commenting the word "like" under hundreds of posts, a move that attracted considerable attention from his 5.1 million followers. His actions were noted by many, with one user commenting, “Mark Hamill definitely has better things to do with his time than this, Elon Musk,” accompanied by a screenshot of Hamill’s numerous comments. Hamill replied, acknowledging the toll of his protest, “Agreed. It’s only been one day & I’m already exhausted.”

X's GrokAI summarized Hamill’s actions, describing them as “a playful gesture that has garnered attention and appreciation from users who view it as a positive and humorous reaction to the platform's modifications.” This summarization, shared by Hamill, received supportive replies from users. One user remarked, “Finally, a trend that I like,” while another humorously asked, “Anyone else hear the Joker’s giggle laugh after each ‘like’?”

Fans have continued to rally behind Hamill, using the #BringBackLIKES hashtag to voice their opinions on the change.


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