Why does the entire industry think I go around hitting people: Nausheen Shah on getting into fights

Actor reveals during interview that she has been a part of a few physical altercations in her life

Entertainment Desk June 15, 2024


Nausheen Shah, celebrated for her talent, fearless demeanour, and impeccable style, stands tall as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Recently, the Bebasi actor graced The Fahad Ansari Show as a guest, delving into topics ranging from navigating the cutthroat industry to her own experiences in the limelight. When confronted with a surprising question about her involvement in physical altercations, she initially reacted with disbelief, exclaiming, “No! Why does the entire industry think I go around hitting people? Everyone thinks I’m sort of a witch, it’s not like that.”

However, upon reflection and some prodding from the interviewer who then asked if she had ever been in a fight with another woman that involved hair-pulling, Nausheen candidly admitted, “Oh yes, I have been in a fight maybe two to three times.” She even disclosed a feistier side, mentioning, “It’s self defence. When you hit someone, you aren’t going to think to wait for the person standing in front of you to harm you first and then hit them. You just make sure to beat the sh*t out of the other person.” Her boldness was evident as she humorously added, “They’ll be too busy defending themselves to hit back!”

Transitioning to a more practical mindset, Nausheen emphasised, “Anyway, what’s the need to attack with hands when a person can attack with their mind instead. They can attack with their words.”

The conversation then pivoted to feminism; a topic close to the Pani Jaisa Piyar actor’s heart. She expressed her belief in equality unequivocally, stating, “I believe in equality. I believe everyone has their own rights; everyone should get those rights. Women are not complete without men, and men are not complete without women - it’s just that simple. If that makes me a feminist in your eyes, so be it.”

In a lighter moment, when asked about the wealthiest Pakistani actor, Nausheen ventured, “I think it’s Mahira Khan. She should be, right?” Her response, laced with a touch of uncertainty, added a dash of intrigue to the discussion.

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