Crimes against children

Children are our future; they need to be nurtured and provided an environment where they can thrive and grow up

Editorial June 15, 2024


The Sindh government’s decision to e-tag repeat offenders of street and drug-related crimes is a welcome decision, provided the plan is followed through diligently and responsibly.

However, it is about time sexual crimes were also taken seriously, especially considering the fact that a large number of them are committed against children. In the most recent incident of horrific sexual violation, a boy said to be around eight years of age was found raped, his body dumped on the outskirts of Karachi.

The minor was reported missing by his family who have been residing in the ‘Tent City’ announced by the Sindh government in the aftermath of the devastating 2022 floods. Not that citizens in other countries of the world are enjoying all the rights they deserve, but things are exceptionally bleak when it comes to law and order in Pakistan.

The impunity with which these vulgar crimes are committed against women and children here should long ago have pushed state authorities to do a lot more.

Pakistan has let its children down massively. Their right to physical safety and well-being, access to quality education and healthcare are all severely compromised. The least we can do is make sure a sexual offenders registry is made, and everyone on it regularly kept in check, and provided necessary treatment.

These are not crimes that cannot be controlled and eliminated. The registry should be updated and linked with the national database to ensure efficient tracking and tracing of offenders. T

he government should also initiate an internal notification policy in order to safeguard the public and better the law enforcement’s investigation arm to ensure such crimes are investigated and the perpetrators caught in a timely manner.

Children are our future; they need to be nurtured and provided an environment where they can thrive and grow up to be responsible adults.


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