Balochistan CM announces reforms in food department

Our Correspondent June 13, 2024


Balochistan Chief Minister Sarfaraz Bugti has highlighted the importance of adhering to court schedules and respecting judicial processes.

He on Tuesday appeared before the Balochistan High Court (BHC) in the wheat procurement scandal in which he had been summoned.

“The wheat purchase case cannot be delayed in the courts. We must always respect the courts and not consider court summons as disrespectful,” he said while talking to the media outside the BHC.

Bugti also said a comprehensive plan for reforms was underway which particularly focused on the food department, adding that a total of 67 reforms were set to be implemented with the aim of streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency across various sectors.

Addressing concerns about the federal budget, Bugti gave the assurance that Balochistan had not been overlooked.

“For the federal budget, the case of Balochistan was presented to the federal government and suggestions were also given. Many Balochistan projects have been included and, this time, numerous schemes have been added,” he detailed.

He acknowledged that Balochistan had historically felt neglected in federal allocations but expressed optimism regarding the current budget’s inclusivity. “Balochistan, which has always complained to the federation that it has been ignored in budgetary allocations, is seeing many of its projects included in the federal budget this time,” Bugti remarked.

Bugti also expressed his determination to prepare a robust budget for Balochistan that would prioritize health, education and student scholarships. He also mentioned the conditions set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding the creation of a surplus as well as the province’s efforts to generate additional resources to boost income.

The Chief Minister also said the restoration of security and peace in Balochistan, especially in Quetta, remained a top priority for his government and that reforms aimed at ending state crimes were also underway as part of his commitment to law and order.

Bugti’s address to the media is being seen as not only highlighting his government’s approach to reforms and budget planning but also reinforcing his dedication to address both judicial and developmental issues in the province.


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