In a first, Khushhal Khan’s ‘Crossroads’ is a romantic saga filmed vertically

Actor took to IG to tease a forthcoming film opposite Mamya Shajaffar

Entertainment Desk June 11, 2024

Pakistani actor Khushhal Khan, renowned for his roles in Midsummer Chaos and Poppay Di Wedding, has taken to Instagram to share an exciting update about his upcoming project. The actor unveiled the first poster for Crossroads, a new film in which he stars opposite Mamya Shajaffar. 

Directed by Fahad Noor and penned by writer Eric Berg, Crossroads promises to be a unique addition to Pakistan's cinematic scene. In his IG caption, Khan revealed the film's poster along with a glimpse into the storyline. He enticingly began, "Love knows no bounds, and neither does our story." 


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He furthered on, "Brace yourself for a groundbreaking cinematic experience as we proudly unveil Pakistan’s first vertically shot film series. Immerse yourself in the whirlwind of emotions as Burak and Haya navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of love. With dialogues available in over 20 languages, this is a tale that transcends borders and proves some emotions never die. Stay tuned for a journey like never before."

The innovative aspect of Crossroads is its format. As per Khushhal, it is ready to debut vertical filmmaking in Pakistan, offering a fresh and immersive viewing experience. On the narrative front, the story centres on the characters Burak and Haya and explores the complexities of love and relationships. The multilingual dialogue availability further underscores the film’s intent to reach a diverse global audience.


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Becoming the face of this latest love story, Khushhal’s views about relationships in real life are also every bit as romantic as the characters he plays. While the young actor was a guest on a local network show hosted by Imran Ashraf, he offered some interesting insights about love, marriage, and his current relationship status.

When questioned about one-sided love, Khushhal took a decidedly romantic stance. "It's a beautiful thing," he declared.  He elaborated on his unique perspective, suggesting that the beauty lies in the control it offers. "Because you have all the power in that," he explained. "You create your own perception about how that person is. It's in your own mind as a beautiful image. It's not dependent on the response from the other end. You're at peace in your own mind."

Intrigued by his perspective on one-sided love, the interviewer pressed further, asking if Khushhal had ever personally experienced either falling for someone or having someone fall for him. His answer surprised some: "No," he admitted,  "I am just in love with my work."  It seems his dedication to his craft currently occupies the space some might expect to be filled with romantic pursuits.

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