Let’s not blame the boys: Anoushey Ashraf slams system following Pakistan’s loss against India

Renowned personality delivers a scathing critique of the country’s state of affairs

Entertainment Desk June 10, 2024

Yesterday’s cricket match against India took a surprising turn as our neighbouring team pulled off a last-minute win in a match that seemed to be in our favour. Despite setting a modest target of 119 runs on a difficult pitch, India managed to secure a narrow six-run triumph, dashing Pakistan's hopes and leaving fans in disbelief.

Several celebrities have already shared their opinions regarding that rollercoaster of a match, the most recent of which is video jockey and television actor, Anoushey Ashraf. In a candid Instagram post, she delivered a scathing critique of the national state of affairs following a disappointing performance by the country’s cricket team. Her statement read, “Let's not just blame the boys. Their performance is a clear reflection of who we are as a nation today. Unstable, disorganised, and walking on eggshells all the time. The whole system is responsible for this collapse.” 

Ashraf didn't mince words as she articulated her frustrations, making it clear that the blame for the cricket team's failure extends beyond the players themselves. “The system has consistently robbed us of good education, training, and corruption free practices. The environment of prejudices, biases, and mediocrity in which we grew up was what was thrown back at our face yesterday. This isn't me running my country down, this is me speaking about what needs to change. It's my love that makes me rant. It's my hurt that makes me think why this happens every time,” penned the actor.

Ashraf's words cut deep, striking a chord with a populace all too familiar with systemic shortcomings. Her indictment of the broader societal issues reflects a widespread sentiment of frustration with institutional failures that extend far beyond the cricket pitch. “This isn't only about cricket but so much more about us as a nation and the way we work... it's a wake-up call. Nothing will improve until the system changes and cleanses itself. A win would've also been a bandaid on a wound that runs way deeper. It's scary and makes me want to cry thinking about the opportunities we've taken away from our youth who give their heart and soul to sports, music, science, etcetera.”

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