Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s 'Bado Badi' taken down by YouTube over copyright claim

Singer’s rendition of Noor Jehan’s hit song amassed 28 million views in one month

Entertainment Desk June 07, 2024

Pakistani singer and internet sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan's song Bado Badi recently took social media by storm, capturing the attention of users with its peculiar singing style and eccentric music video. However, as per Pinkvilla, the song has now been removed from YouTube due to a copyright infringement strike, leaving many wondering what went wrong.

Bado Badi, which also features model Wajdan Rao, quickly became a favourite among netizens. The song's oddities led to a flood of memes and viral content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Celebrities from both India and Pakistan joined in on the trend, further boosting the song's popularity.

Despite amassing an impressive 28 million views in just a month, the song's success was short-lived. Interestingly, Bado Badi is not an entirely new creation. The song was originally performed by the legendary Madam Noor Jahan for the 1973 film Banarsi Thug, starring Firdous, Ejaz and Munawar Zarif, with its composition arranged by Bakhshi Wazeer Sahib. 

Chahat’s reinterpretation breathed new life into the classic but also became its own downfall. A report from Deccan Herald indicates that the composition of Bado Badi bore a striking “resemblance” to Noor Jehan’s hit. This similarity resulted in a copyright infringement claim, prompting YouTube to take down the video.

Chahat’s recent rise to fame began during the lockdown, with his songs becoming popular targets for online ridicule and viral memes. His unique style has earned him numerous interviews and podcast appearances in Pakistan, solidifying his presence in the media.

Formerly known as Kashif Rana, Chahat started his career in cricket. He played first-class cricket for Lahore as a teenager in the 1983-84 Quaid e Azam trophy before moving to the UK to pursue better opportunities, where he played club cricket for 12 years. In an interview with Murtaza Ali Shah, Chahat revealed that he had once captained former Pakistani Test cricketer Aaqib Javed, discovering him at a government school in Sheikhupura and helping to refine his bowling skills.

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