Victoria Beckham balances a strict diet with wine: “ Life's too short. Let's have a nice time"

"Since I met her she only eats grilled fish [and] steamed vegetables," David Beckham reveals.

Pop Culture & Art May 30, 2024
Courtesy: Getty Images via Vogue Magazine

Victoria Beckham, the celebrated fashion designer and former Spice Girl, recently opened up about the disciplined approach she maintains towards her diet and fitness regimen.

In a candid interview with Grazia, Beckham, who celebrated her 50th birthday in April, shared insights into the pressures of public life and her personal standards that shape her lifestyle choices.

"This is how I look. I'm going to make the best of it," Beckham stated, highlighting her commitment to a disciplined lifestyle, which includes careful eating habits and a rigorous fitness routine.

"I'm very disciplined with the way that I eat, the way that I work out and the way I work. That's just who I am."

Despite her strict regimen, Beckham revealed that she does not shy away from enjoying life, including indulging in a glass of wine.

"I do like to have a drink, and I'm not going to be one of these, 'Ah, there are too many calories in a glass of wine' types," she expressed.

"Whatever. Life's too short. Let's have a nice time."

Reflecting on the intense scrutiny she faced regarding her postpartum body after the birth of her first child, Brooklyn, in 1999, Beckham recounted how public comments impacted her.

"My first outing was on the front page of the newspaper, with arrows pointing to where I needed to lose weight," she shared.

This experience influenced her self-perception and public demeanor over the years.

However, Victoria has since found a personal equilibrium that allows her to enjoy life while staying true to her disciplined nature.

She also mentioned her unique dietary habits, including consuming four avocados a day to maintain "glowy" skin, a tip she shared with the Daily Telegraph in 2019.

Adding a personal anecdote, her husband, David Beckham, noted in a December 2023 episode of 'Ruthie's Table 4' that Victoria has been remarkably consistent with her diet.

"Since I met her she only eats grilled fish [and] steamed vegetables. She will very rarely deviate from that," he said.


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