Meera Jee's 'Agent Anila' wants to spread a virus, but the real sickness is the film's trailer

Film is releasing on June 21 of this year

Sajeer Shaikh May 28, 2024

Brilliant acting, stunning action sequences, immaculate sound, and CGI that will take your breath away - these are all elements that are missing from Meera Jee's upcoming film, Agent Anila. But, should one be brave enough to perfectly summarise the trailer of the offering by Qasim Panhwar, the phrase that comes to mind is "deliciously disastrous."

All of us are often searching for films that are so mind-bogglingly awful that they end up being enjoyable. If the trailer is anything go by, at its best, Agent Anila may just serve that purpose. At its worst, it could be the next Chain Aye Na.

The trailer has it all - Meera Jee talking about her gang spread all over the globe, sound that doesn't quite sync up, an explosion that would put the most skilled CGI artist to shame, and hollow tin sounds for when someone gets shot. There are also action sequences shot from a lower angle that make it seem like one is having their posterior whooped. Maybe that's what one would deserve, should one choose to go watch this film releasing on June 21 of this year.

But hey, don't take our word for it. There are plenty of others who seem to be just as interested in and appalled by the film's quirks. For instance, Fasi Zaka took to X to share a rather dramatic and what one assumes was supposed to be an impactful snippet from the film, saying alongside, "Just because of this brilliant scene, I think I will be watching this film twice on the day of its release." A less gracious X user responded, "Only dunking my head in a barrel full of meth could make me watch this."

While hardcore intoxication may not be necessary for watching the film, one does question how the project managed to pass several rounds of approval. One X user rightfully pondered, "Fire animations scream fake, firing and fighting actions lame...I wonder why no one from production till the release stage can notice all the silly stuff."

But that's not all! In a world reeling from the immense damage COVID wreaked, Agent Anila wants to work against the team that wants to spread the virus. The reasoning behind all of this is a mystery - and one not nearly enticing enough for one to purchase a ticket. Should you, however, be brave enough to take on this challenge, just know what you're signing up for. Good luck.

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