Tech summit encourages innovation

Students come up with novel ideas & solutions in various categories of competition

APP May 20, 2024


A three-day summit on modern advancements in technology was organised at a university campus in the federal capital which included several educational activities and entertaining events as well

The CUI Tech Summit 2024 organised by COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) in collaboration with Metrix Pakistan, concluded today after three days of comprehensive educational and technological activities.

This summit was the first of its kind at CUI, featuring seven modules in disciplines such as computer science, engineering, applied sciences, geospatial AI and media. A total of 31 competitions took place, showcasing a broad spectrum of academic and practical skills.

The summit attracted participants from 10 universities from all across the country, which made it an opportunistic gathering of academic minds. Students from institutions such as the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), FAST University Islamabad, Air University as well as others joined the summit. This diversity of participation enriched the event, fostering a spirit of academic exchange and collaboration.

During the three-day event, participants engaged in a variety of competitions designed to test and showcase their technical skills and innovative solutions. These events provided a platform for students and professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and creativity in their respective fields. The diverse range of modules included areas such as artificial intelligence, software development, engineering projects, applied scientific research and media innovation.

The competition hosted at the summit, had a prize pool of Rs700,000, which was distributed among the winners of various categories. The cash prize served as a tangible recognition of the participants' hard work and achievements, motivating them to pursue further excellence in their studies and careers.

The final day featured a grand dinner that not only celebrated the participants' accomplishments but also emphasised the successful collaboration between CUI and Metrix Pakistan. This collaboration was instrumental in providing a holistic learning experience, blending academic rigour with practical applications.

The CUI Tech Summit 2024, President, Shahzad Khan Zafar impressed upon the importance of technological and academic advancement in today's world while speaking at the event. While the founder and CEO of Metrix Pakistan, Hassan Nisar, remarked, “The CUI Tech Summit is a commendable initiative that showcases the innovative capabilities of our youth.”

Published in The Express Tribune, May 21st, 2024.


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