Marina Khan says child-free life with husband Jalil Akhtar allows them ‘to go wherever they want’

Couple’s decision not to have children was influenced by their careers in television

Entertainment Desk May 19, 2024

In a candid and heartfelt appearance on the online chat show DigiTales, celebrated Pakistani actor Marina Khan opened up about her and her husband Jalil Akhtar's decision to not have children. Known for her roles in iconic dramas and her contributions to Pakistani television, Marina talked about her married life with Jalil, who is also a renowned producer, and the mutual choices that have shaped their enduring relationship.

During the interview, the Dhoop Kinare star affectionately referring to her husband as "Kuchu," revealed that their decision to remain child-free was not premeditated but evolved naturally over time. “So Kuchu and I, we never said that we were never going to have kids,” she said. Reflecting on their early experiences with their nephews and nieces, she added, “When his brothers had kids, we loved them, we played with them, and then we’d just hand them back and we’d come home and say, 'Nah, that’s too much.’”

Marina highlighted how their burgeoning careers in television during those years influenced their decision. “I think our journey in television also started at that time so it was very difficult to raise a child. I was never in favour of having a child. I always thought, if anything, I’d adopt a child,” she explained.

Their professional lives intertwined frequently with Marina and Jalil collaborating on numerous projects. “When we started [in television], we just never looked back. That allowed us to work together. Even now, if I had a choice, I’d continue working with him," she shared, emphasising the harmony in their partnership. “He has the more logical brain, I’m a little scattered. But now we don’t do dramas anymore. I think the last thing we, as a company, did together was the remake of Tanhaiyaan. He was the producer, I was directing it.”

Marina expressed that their decision not to have children has afforded them a unique freedom and deepened their bond. “I feel very comfortable being with him and that has enabled us to go wherever we want to together because obviously, we don’t have a child to tend to,” she said.

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