A tribute to mothers

Mother is the superstar creation in this world, with no comparison to her in the family or among all creations

Saira Samo May 07, 2024
The writer is an educationist based in Larkana. She can be reached at sairasamo88@gmail.com


The universe’s Creator is perfect. He spoke ‘Kun’ in Arabic, meaning ‘be or to be’, bringing it into existence flawlessly. He made the land and colorful plants. He gave life to creatures big and small, providing them with the best foods for their health, whether animals, humans or other beings, seen or unseen.

While watching all these creatures in the universe, it appears to our small understanding that He is the best creator and reflects His being as the best painter. Among all, He created pairs; humans in male and female, and the same exists among animals. He endowed creatures with abundant feelings of love and care. We live with all pleasures given by Him.

There is one relation that always remains priceless and matchless, that of motherhood. The mother keeps the child almost ten months in her womb. She feeds from her body and bears all the pains to bring the child into the new world with all pleasures. She spends sleepless nights, feeds to her best, and cares for all her belongings at the risk of her health and personal possessions.

The word ‘mother’ is defined by an indescribable depth of love and care she passes to her children. She epitomises the best care and love, showering it upon her children, whether they are physically challenged or have any other impairment or vulnerability. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she is the best among all relations in the world.

The word ‘mother’ has different interpretations in languages, but all sound sweet to call upon. It is often uttered with such endearing terms as Mom, Mama, Mommy, Amar, Mataji, Ami, etc. It’s heartwarming to think that a newborn child’s first spoken word, mother, is learned in their mother tongue. How sweet it sounds that the mother tongue of the child is the language that he learned from the mother.

Mother is the superstar creation in this world, with no comparison to her in the family or among all creations. When we refer to the dictionary of other languages, we encounter different names related to the mother. For example, in Farsi, the word for mother is ‘Mādar’ or ‘Mādaram’, while in Arabic, it’s ‘Umm’. Urdu refers to mother as ‘Ami’, and in Sindhi, it’s ‘Amar’ or ‘Amma’. In Punjabi, it’s ‘Mai’ or ‘Mataji’; in Hindko, it is ‘Babe’; and in Pashto, it’s ‘Mor’. ‘Madre’ in Italian, ‘Me’ in Vietnamese, ‘Maji’ in Hindi, ‘Ema’ in Estonian, and ‘Mae’ in Portuguese, and so on. These diverse linguistic expressions all hold cherished beauty when articulated. The beauty of these words is heightened by the moment when lips meet, forming the sounds that call upon the mother.

In history, we find some truly extraordinary mothers. Amina, the mother of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), holds a special place. She’s the mother of the Prophet who is ‘Rahmit-ul-Almin’, beloved by Allah for his boundless compassion.

Then there’s Mariam (Virgin Mary), the mother of Jesus Christ i.e. Prophet Esa (peace be upon him). Her story is remarkable; she bore a child without a human father and faced society’s challenges with grace, raising Prophet Esa (peace be upon him) to fulfil his divine purpose.

And let’s not forget Jochebed, the mother of Moses or Prophet Moosa (peace be upon him). She bravely nursed her son in secret, defying the tyrannical decree of Pharaoh to protect his life.

Above all, these mothers exemplify love, sacrifice and strength, serving as lessons for all mankind. There is no doubt that she is the best to provide care, affection, guidance, teaching, etc. She endures all of life’s hardships to bring comfort to her child.

Throughout history, mothers have excelled in every aspect of life. They willingly shoulder the burdens of life to ensure their child’s well-being, bravely facing physical dangers and enduring mental challenges to provide a healthy environment filled with joy. Expressing gratitude and paying tribute to such boundless devotion feels inadequate in comparison to the magnitude of their contributions. Indeed, mothers stand as unmatched and invaluable figures throughout human history.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 7th, 2024.

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