Maryam's appearance in police uniform sparks controversy and praise

Female police cadets applauds Punjab CM with many eagerly taking pictures with her

Muhammad Shehzad April 25, 2024
Maryam Nawaz in police uniform. PHOTO: EXPRESS


Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz's appearance as the chief guest at a passing out parade of female police officers at Chung Police Training School, where she donned a police uniform, has sparked a flurry of reactions, both positive and negative, across social media platforms.

The event saw female police cadets warmly welcoming Maryam Nawaz, surrounding her as she received applause from officers while adorned in the police attire. Many attendees eagerly took pictures with her, capturing the momentous occasion.

However, former Supreme Court Bar office bearer Advocate Supreme Court Aftab Ahmad Bajwa took a different stance, filing a petition seeking a court order for the registration of an FIR against Maryam Nawaz for wearing the police uniform.

The ceremony, organised at Chung Training College, marked the passing out parade of a new batch of female police officers. Maryam Nawaz, herself a woman, attended as the chief guest, wearing the police uniform as a gesture of goodwill and to express solidarity with the graduating recruits as they prepared to embark on their duties.

The visuals of Maryam participating in the passing out parade while wearing the uniform ignited a storm of controversy on social media. Critics viewed her actions as inappropriate and unworthy of her stature, with some accusing her of violating regulations and committing a criminal offense by wearing the police uniform without holding the official position of a police officer.

Bajwa, renowned for his involvement in the Sabzazar encounter case, petitioned the court to register a criminal case against Maryam Nawaz for allegedly committing a criminal offense by donning the police uniform.

In response to the criticism and legal challenge, the Punjab Police defended Maryam Nawaz's actions, citing the Punjab Police Dress Regulations 2024, which permit the Chief Minister of Punjab to wear the police uniform on formal occasions.

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The move has been widely celebrated by police personnel, who see it as a commendable display of solidarity. The Central Police Office received numerous messages from officers praising the gesture. Female police officers have enthusiastically shared pictures of "Madam CM Punjab" in uniform, expressing their appreciation for her support.

Speaking at the ceremony, Maryam stressed the importance of women in law enforcement and expressed her commitment to increasing their representation within the police force. She praised the dedication and hard work of female officers, highlighting their vital role in maintaining law and order.

The chief minister also reflected on her own journey to leadership, acknowledging the challenges she faced and the responsibility that comes with holding public office. She expressed pride in her accomplishments and reiterated her commitment to serving the people of Punjab diligently.

In her remarks, Maryam underscored the importance of empowering women and ensuring their equal participation in all sectors of society. She expressed optimism for the future, envisioning a time when women would make up a significant proportion of the police force, contributing to a safer and more prosperous Punjab.

Maryam remarked that wearing the police uniform for the first time made her realise the immense responsibility that comes with being a police officer or holding the position of chief minister.

Reflecting on her journey, she noted the challenges she faced and the need to prove herself to attain her current position. She expressed joy in seeing her father's pride when she updates him on her daily activities, symbolising her journey through adversity and triumph.


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