Unafraid of being blacklisted for pro-Palestine stance, 'Bridgerton' star Nicola Coughlan marches on

As an Irish actor, Coughlan has always stood by Palestinians

Entertainment Desk April 25, 2024

The name Nicola Coughlan will be familiar to period drama aficionados as Penelope Featherington from Netflix's Bridgerton, and synonymous with Claire Devlin to Derry Girls fans. Now, in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the Irish actor wore her heart on her sleeve as she voiced support for the Palestinian people trapped amid the ongoing bombing of the Gaza Strip. 

“There’s a huge connection between Ireland and Palestine that maybe a lot of people aren’t aware of, and a shared history,” she explained. “To me it always becomes about supporting innocent people. Are we supporting innocent people no matter where they’re from, who they are? That’s my drive.”

Coughlan has been actively using her social media to draw attention to and raise funds towards the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The actor has also been among those seen in public wearing an Artists4Ceasefire pin. She remains unfazed about the prospect of finding difficulty attracting future roles considering her political stance. Carrying the weight of her conscience, Coughlan revealed that what propels her forward is the knowledge that when she is on her deathbed, she can say she used her influence to make a positive impact around the world. 

“You do get told, ‘You won’t get work’, ‘You won’t do this,’” admitted the Barbie actor. “But I also think, deep down, if you know that you’re coming from a place of ‘I don’t want any innocent people to suffer,’ then I’m not worried about people’s reactions.”

Acknowledging the reach she enjoys as a celebrity, Coughlan said, “I’m so lucky I’ve gotten to this point in my career, and I’m privileged as a white woman, first off." Elaborating on her place in the spotlight, Coughlan continued, "The fact that I get to do the job I love and travel the world and meet amazing people, I feel a moral responsibility to give back.”

Coughlan's staunch commitment to changing the world for the better predates her acting days. “Even before I was on television, I was involved in different causes,” she recalled. “I went campaigning door-to-door for marriage equality in Ireland, I went on marches for abortion rights. I’ve always cared about causes and social justice.” 

With the first part of Bridgerton season 3 set to hit screens on May 16, Coughlan can sit back and enjoy her stalwart television career for now without worrying about being cancelled for her beliefs. 

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