No bigger bragger than him in Bollywood: Kamaal R Khan on Imran Abbas 'rejecting' Indian films

Controversy underscores the complexities of cross-border collaborations

Entertainment Desk April 18, 2024

Indian film critic and former actor, Kamaal R Khan, known popularly as KRK, has weighed in on Pakistani actor Imran Abbas's recent statement regarding his rejection of prominent Bollywood film offers on his YouTube channel. Imran, who has previously worked in the Indian film industry, sparked controversy with his assertion that he turned down roles in major blockbuster movies by choice.

"There was a time when Pakistani actors used to work in Bollywood," said KRK. Referring to Imran, he continued, "He, too, used to come to Mumbai. He would meet Mahesh Bhatt and even worked in one of his films. Now, Imran has said in an interview that he was offered massive projects, but he left them, such as Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram-Leela, Aashiqui 2, Rajkumar Hirani's PK, etc."

Continuing forth, KRK remarked, "Hearing this, people trolled Imran. People have said that there is no bigger bragger than him in Bollywood. You have left Govinda behind in terms of bragging, because Govinda, too, once said he was offered a Hollywood film, which he refused to do. To date, Govinda was considered the biggest bragger in Bollywood, but Imran Abbas has left him behind."

The Pakistani actor has, on multiple occasions, spoken about the Bollywood projects on which he missed out. In a recent appearance on a local television transmission, Imran reiterated that he rejected films like Aashiqui 2, Ram-Leela, and PK, adding Heeramandi and Guzaarish to the list as well. His assertion of being offered significant roles in Bollywood films has reignited discussions surrounding the dynamics between Indian and Pakistani actors in the film industry.

The controversy underscores the complexities of cross-border collaborations in the entertainment industry and the scrutiny faced by actors who navigate between different film industries. As Imran's statements and consequent reactions continue to generate debate, the broader implications of his claims on perceptions of Pakistani actors in Bollywood remain to be seen.

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