Won’t go back without my sons: Indian woman

Farzana Begum says Pakistani man who married her lying about divorce

Asif Mehmood April 17, 2024
The woman said that her husband’s claim of divorce is false – PHOTO: EXPRESS


Farzana Begum, an Indian woman who was allegedly tortured by her Pakistani husband, has said she did not wish to return to her native country.

She has also described her husband’s claim that he had divorced her as false.

“If he has divorced me, then there must be a certificate,” she added.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Farzana said that her and her children’s lives were in danger over a property dispute.

She added that she was confined to her house in Rehman Garden in Lahore and her children were enduring hunger.

She appealed to the Pakistani government to provide them with protection until their case was resolved.
Farzana said the house and some property in Lahore were in the name of her sons. However, she continued that her as well as her sons' passports were in possession of her husband.

The Indian woman stresses her lack of familial support in Pakistan, further complicating her predicament.

According to Farzana, her husband, along with his first wife and children, are plotting to coerce her return to India in order to seize control of her children's property upon their departure.

Farzana’s lawyer, Advocate Mohsin Abbas, told The Express Tribune that the husband was spreading false rumours that his client's visa had expired even though her passport was in his possession.

He continued that they had requested police to take back the passports of his client and her two sons from her husband to learn about the status of their visas.

The lawyer said if the Indian woman's visa had indeed expired, legal action would be taken to that extent only.

In one of her statements, Farzana said she would never return to India without her sons.

Farzana, who belongs to Mumbai, India, married a Pakistani citizen, Mirza Yousaf Elahi, in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

They came to Pakistan in 2018. They have two sons aged six and seven.

In February this year, a German resident Sikh woman of Indian origin married a man of Sialkot after embracing Islam in Pakistan.

The Muslim name of the girl is Zainab and she has married Ali Arsalan.

According to a certificate issued by the Jamia, the name of the father of Jaspreet Kaur is Singara Singh, a resident of Ludhiana.

The woman came to Pakistan on January 16 this year for pilgrimage.

The administrators of Jamia Hanfia in Sialkot said the bride’s parents were Indian nationals but they lived in Germany. Zainab also resided in Munich.


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