Saheefa Jabbar calls out those who ‘throw shade' at others for overnight fame

Actor-model took to IG with long note urging her peers to be respectful

Entertainment Desk April 16, 2024

In a heartfelt post shared on Instagram, Pakistani actor and model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak addressed the harsh criticism often directed at artists in the entertainment industry. Through a detailed note, Saheefa highlighted the challenges and pressures faced by content creators, advocating for empathy and understanding within the community.

In her message, the Beti starlet reflected on the judgement and negativity that some artists face regarding their rapid rise to fame and their artistic choices. "As much as I may not appreciate the work of many content creators, I firmly believe that when Allah chooses to bestow fame and wealth upon someone, as a believer and servant of Allah, I have no right to question why that person has gained a certain level of fame, following, or wealth," she wrote.

Saheefa shared her personal experiences of defending a fellow artist who was criticised for perceived overnight success and high fees. "I received numerous direct messages where people raised concerns about overnight fame, not being a genuine artist, charging exorbitant amounts, and achieving everything too easily," she explained.

Highlighting the evolution of the entertainment industry, particularly in the context of marketing and brand strategy after COVID-19, the Rafta Rafta star pointed out that influencers and content creators now play significant roles in shaping brand identities and boosting sales. "Internationally, we've seen a change where influencers are now being invited to major award shows and screenings, something that wasn't common before," she noted.

The actor also emphasised the importance of maintaining personal integrity and respecting fellow artists. "I always have disagreements with the type of content someone creates. Personally, I believe that any artist, YouTuber, or influencer—whatever term you prefer—should maintain credibility in what they create," Saheefa stated. She also underscored the necessity of respect and support among artists, "As an artist, it is my obligation to give respect to my fellow artists and uplift them as long as I can."

She furthered on, “When you choose to speak negatively against other artists or throw shade on them through your posts, it doesn't look nice at all.” Addressing the feelings of envy and frustration that can accompany observations of others' success, Saheefa candidly shared her personal struggles. "Sometimes I get frustrated too when I don't get the same amount of work as others when I don't see myself as successful as others, or when I don't make that kind of money. But every time, I remind myself that as a human, I can only work hard, pray, and wish for better to come," she expressed.

The 35-year-old concluded her post by encouraging her followers and peers to strive towards becoming better versions of themselves, rather than succumbing to jealousy. She remarked, “We develop envy and greed when we see someone's success, and it's natural. It's really hard to see someone reaching the heights you wished for yourself; there's no denying that.”

“But I'll conclude this by saying that as a human, you can only try, and you must strive to become a better version of yourself.” Her message has resonated with many in the industry, prompting a discussion on the need for a more supportive and less judgemental approach toward the diverse forms of artistic expression.

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