Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz to have second baby 'soon'

Actor is not disturbed when asked about the same

Entertainment Desk April 15, 2024

Yasir Hussain recently made an appearance on Nadia Khan's show Thori Si Masti, where he candidly discussed his family life and addressed societal expectations regarding parenthood. During the engaging conversation, Hussain shared insights into his journey as a father and his plans for expanding his family.

A highlight of the interview was Hussain's heartfelt discussion about his son, Kabir Hussain, whom he adoringly spoke about, reflecting on the joys and challenges of fatherhood. However, it was his revelation about his intention to welcome a second child that caught the attention of viewers.

In response to Khan's inquiry about the societal pressure and inquiries regarding a second baby, Hussain responded with grace and humility, stating, that he and Iqra Aziz are planning to have their second baby soon. "We'll have our second baby soon, InshAllah," he offered with ease. His willingness to address the topic openly and positively resonated with audiences, showcasing his commitment to embracing parenthood with enthusiasm.

Moreover, Hussain's perspective on societal scrutiny and questioning regarding family planning shed light on his resilience and acceptance of public curiosity. He remarked that he doesn’t mind if people ask such questions, positively taking what may be seen as invasive curiosity in his stride. His gracious response exemplified his maturity and understanding of the dynamics of public scrutiny in the entertainment industry. "Let people ask, they should have something to ask," he stated. "It's a good thing, they're not asking anything bad." He added, "No one's really asked us, but even if they do, it's fine, I won't mind."

Acknowledging the importance of community interest in his personal life, Hussain emphasised the significance of receiving inquiries as a sign of care and concern from well-wishers. His ability to perceive public inquiries as expressions of support rather than intrusion underscored his positive outlook and appreciation for his fans' interest in his life. "People are worried about everything, and it's good that they're worried. When the time comes, we'll say that no one is worried about us. Now that people are concerned, we're disturbed by the same."

Hussain's appearance on the show provided a rare glimpse into his personal life, showcasing his warmth, sincerity, and resilience in navigating the challenges of fame and parenthood. With his unwavering optimism and willingness to engage with fans, Hussain reaffirms his status not only as a talented actor but also as a role model for embracing life's joys and challenges with humility and grace.

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