Several flights cancelled after Karachi rain

PK-308 from Karachi to Islamabad also experienced delays

News Desk April 15, 2024


Due to inclement weather in Karachi, several flights have been cancelled and some have faced delays. A rain emergency has been declared in operational sections, including the Airside Section, by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to airport sources, multiple flights were cancelled and experienced delays due to the adverse weather conditions in Karachi on Sunday.

Reportedly, PIA flight 503 from Karachi to Gwadar and the PIA's flight PK 768 from Karachi to Islamabad were cancelled. Private airline flights from Karachi to Lahore and Karachi to Islamabad were also cancelled, as per airport sources.

PK-308 from Karachi to Islamabad also experienced delays, while a flight from Iraq to Karachi could not operate due to tensions between Iran and Israel.

The flight from Karachi to Istanbul faced several hours of delay. The incoming flight from Istanbul to Karachi also faced delays.

According to a spokesperson for the CAA, flight arrivals and departures experienced some delays due to the adverse weather conditions. The spokesperson stated that a rain emergency has been declared in operational sections, including the Airside Section.

Flights are sometimes cancelled during rains or adverse weather conditions in view of safety concerns as rain can reduce visibility, create slippery runways, and affect aircraft performance during takeoff and landing. Safety regulations require airlines to prioritize passenger safety, and if weather conditions pose a risk, flights may be cancelled.

Heavy rain can also significantly reduce visibility for pilots, making it difficult to navigate during takeoff, landing, and taxiing on the runway. In such cases, flights may be delayed or cancelled until visibility improves.

Rain can also affect aircraft performance, particularly during takeoff and landing. Wet runways can increase the distance required for an aircraft to accelerate for takeoff or decelerate upon landing. If runway conditions are unsafe, flights may be cancelled.

Rainy weather can impact airport operations, including ground handling services, baggage handling, and fueling operations. If airport facilities are unable to operate safely in wet conditions, flights may be cancelled.

Adverse weather conditions can also lead to congestion and delays in air traffic control, affecting the scheduling of flights. If air traffic controllers determine that the volume of air traffic exceeds the capacity to manage it safely during rainy weather, flights may be cancelled or delayed.


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