Polio victim plans to travel 400 cities to plant saplings

Khizar Wali Chishti has so far succeeded in planting more than 150,000 saplings

APP/news Desk April 13, 2024


A 32-year-old polio survivor is embarking on a remarkable journey across Pakistan, aiming to plant 10 million trees and raise awareness about the urgent need for environmental conservation.

Despite his physical challenges, Khizar Wali Chishti is determined to be a catalyst for change in the face of escalating climate threats.

"The objective of the countrywide visit is to convey a message about the pressing need for planting trees to reduce the impacts of climate change," Khizar stated. "I have set the target of planting 10 million trees in the country and so far succeeded in planting more than 150,000 saplings."

Khizar, who walks with the support of crutches due to paralysis in his left leg caused by polio, emphasised the importance of his mission amidst the country's vulnerability to climate-induced disasters.

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He plans to kickstart his journey in June 2024, traversing 400 cities to engage with the public and highlight the growing threats posed by climate change.

Reflecting on his recent activities, Khizar shared his efforts during Ramazan and Eidul Fitr, where he dedicated his time to tree plantation across various cities in Punjab. He also organised the Fourth Annual National Tree Festival in Pak-Patan, advocating for the planting of indigenous trees and promoting kitchen gardening.

In addition to his environmental endeavours, Khizar is deeply involved in welfare activities, including organising free health camps, fundraising for underprivileged children's education, and caring for birds and animals. As a polio survivor, he also champions the importance of child vaccination against the crippling disease.

Khizar's commitment extends to social media, where he has formed the 'Green Oasis' group to raise awareness about the significance of increasing green cover. He regularly updates his followers on his tree planting activities, aiming to inspire action and awareness worldwide.

Despite his challenges, Khizar remains undeterred, asserting that nothing will hinder his mission to combat climate change and enhance Pakistan's green landscape.



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