What is “Kategate” and why is Kate Middleton in the news so much?

Media coverage has given undue weight to unsubstantiated claims and speculative interpretations of events.

Entertainment Desk March 20, 2024

The British royals have over the years had their fair share of scandals, be it Princess Diana’s relationship with then-Prince Charles, Prince Andrew’s association with Jeffrey Epstein or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's split from the British royal family.

Speculation regarding the whereabouts and wellbeing of Kate Middleton is rife, with the Princess of Wales dominating the news not just in the UK but across international publications around the world.

The latest controversy stems from Kate’s recent absences from making public appearances. Her last public appearance was in December 2023.

Even though Kensington Palace, the office of Kate and Williams, had said the absence was due to a "planned abdominal surgery,” people have had a hard time taking the statement at face value.

Last year’s reports of Prince William allegedly having an affair with Lady Sarah Rose Hanbury also played a large role in the public’s scepticism.

This speculation intensified following a Mother’s Day photo-editing controversy and a consequent public appearance at a farm-shop where she reportedly looked unhappy.

The media has also fanned the flames of rumours, relentlessly focusing on the topic, giving undue weight to unsubstantiated claims and speculative interpretations of events.

Despite numerous statements and clarifications presented to the public in this regard, conspiracy theorists have had a field day.

Some people have even set up a website called whereiskatemiddleton.com to keep tabs of all the possible theories regarding the princess.

The numerous narratives being peddled on the grapevine include conspiracies of divorce, mental health, suicide, anorexia, cloning, training to become Queen, and complications after alleged cosmetic surgery.

Some far-fetched speculations claim she has been killed and replaced by Heidi Agan, a professional body double who later had to issue a clarification and denial. Meanwhile some people tried to somehow link the scandal with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s dramatic exit from the palace.

Harry and Markle recently had their individual bios expunged from the royal website, which was then replaced by a combined bio of the couple without their titles.

Meanwhile, some social media users saw the scandal as an excuse to further their own campaigns seeking an end to the monarchy in Britain.

Unlike previous scandals, “Kate-spiracy” has also shown the challenges faced by the monarchy when controlling its own narrative in today’s age of social-media.



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