Eaglelyst update: Viral French fries seller reveals 30-day net profit margin

Social media sensation gives much-awaited update

Entertainment Desk March 15, 2024

With Rs50,000 as an investment, Arbaz Abbasi - Eaglelyst on Instagram - embarked on the journey of setting up his french fries business. From day one, Arbaz has kept his audience abreast about pertinent updates. His daily sales were made available to his viewers, allowing a fascinating insight into the world of small, food-related operations and their financial potential.

Now, Arbaz has finally revealed the net profit margin after a wait of an entire month. Taking to the Eaglelyst Instagram page, Arbaz shared a video. The accompanying caption read, "Day 30 marks a significant milestone in my fries stall journey – I'm finally ready to reveal my profit margins! Join me as I open up about the financial side of my business, sharing insights, challenges, and triumphs along the way. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey! Let's toast to profitability and many more fry-tastic adventures ahead!"

In the video, Arbaz remarked, "Firstly, I want to clarify a few things. If someone wants to start a business like I did, do not keep the same expectations as I did because a lot of people came to me due to my following and my sales increased. Keep in mind that if you wish to start your own business, you may not have the same result."

He then shared, "I will tell you how many potatoes we sold in total. In this entire month, we sold 1794kg of potatoes and our total sale was Rs436,750." The engaging entrepreneur added, "Let's go towards expenses. Our other expenses are ghee, cornflour, cleaning clothes, and packing boxes. All of this totals Rs137,656. These are our other expenses. Now we'll go towards gas. The gas we used for the whole month comes up to Rs41,420"

Detailing further costs, he reported, "The 1794kg of potatoes that we bought, their total cost was Rs108,900. Seasoning, gloves, and other stuff like fuel for the bike, bike expenses total Rs35,080. Electricity charges were Rs4500. Let's talk about my cousin's pay. I gave him Rs25,000 this month. Now, let's talk about lunch, dinner, and tea. We spent a total of Rs10,000 on that this month."

Finally, it was time for what everyone had been waiting for. "Now, let's talk about the net profit," he said. "What is the total net profit that I pocketed? After doing all this, my total net profit is Rs74,194. I will be reinvesting this in business. I've ordered a frier for the same, it'll be here within a few days. So we've reinvested this total in our business so that we can grow increasingly." He shared that his next series will begin soon after.


A post shared by Arbaz Abbasi (@eaglelyst)


A post shared by Arbaz Abbasi (@eaglelyst)

Undoubtedly, Arbaz has, through the course of the past 30 days, curated a wonderful experience for himself and his fans. From business tips to scouting locations around town for the purpose of sourcing supplies, to daily accountability, one could not help but feel sucked into Arbaz's world. As he begins another journey soon hereafter, we wish him well and hope for further success.

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