Kids ruining entries to unhinged madness: 7 relatable desi moments from the Ambani celebrations

Festivities gave birth to iconic moments

Sajeer Shaikh March 06, 2024

The Ambani pre-wedding shenanigans are practically breaking the internet with their over-the-top opulence and mind-boggling grandeur. But hey, in the midst of all this jaw-dropping splendour, there were still moments that managed to make us, mere mortals, feel like we were watching clips from a local wedding. Because who doesn't relate to multi-billion-dollar celebrations on a Tuesday, right?

1. Kid ruining the bride's entry

There's always that one kid running around on the stage, waiting - nay, hiding in the shadows to ruin the most opportune moment. Well, the strategic planning worked. A child frolicking around on stage around Anant Ambani as Radhika Merchant entered is the image seared into all our minds, regardless of how grand the entry was. The audacity of all the kids, too, for videos came out of many of the famous babies exhausted after the merriment. All in a day's work of being your best, most chaotic self, one can only assume.

2. The overseas guests trying to fit in

Having "foreigners" at a wedding isn't relatable per se, but we've all seen enough Bollywood films to know just how deliciously awkward the interactions are. From tech giants and billionaires fitted awkwardly into local attire to Rihanna pretty much becoming one with the esteemed guests, the Ambani celebrations scratched this itch as well.

3. Being upstaged

Look, no one's saying this is a staple at every wedding. But if you've pretty much done your shopping at the Met Gala and your mother-in-law shows up wearing a 500 crore necklace...where do you go from there? Just goes to show that the Ambanis are all of us on the inside, just way, way richer.

4. The spats

As per this post on X, Shah Rukh Khan and Ram Charan are beefing. Even though this sounds like a joke (which it probably is because of how absurd it sounds) do you really think there wasn't enough cattiness going around that day? We all saw Sidharth Malhotra hug Ranbir Kapoor, right?


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5. The influencer

With the digital realm doubling as our second lives, it doesn't come as a surprise nowadays to see that one person obsessed with their phone, making videos and taking pictures, even at a wedding. Orry filled that void at the festivities, leaving behind no stone unturned, posing with Deepika while asking Ranveer to capture the moment and also capturing the perfect image with Rihanna.

6. Dance floor madness

Any good wedding will have you on your feet grooving to bangers. And the Ambani celebrations did not disappoint. From celebrities dancing to various nostalgic songs to Ranveer greeting Tiger Shroff with a shuffle, to Riri and Janhvi Kapoor twerking on the dance floor, to Salman being lifted while the dhol played, the event was just a who's who of hook steps, songs, and antics.

7. The performances

It takes one having an Ambani amount of money to not only regurgitate Bollywood skits, but to do them in front of the industry as your audience. They're really out there living their best Indian cinema dreams, and it shows, even in the over-the-top performances. Let's not forget the fact that the other performances were no different from what we'd have experienced - there were just stars attached to make them fancier. From the three wildly different but equally beloved uncles taking to the dance floor together (or, in this case, the three Khans) to that one popular couple performing (Deepika and Ranveer in this case), the wedding had it all.

To sum up, the Ambanis orchestrated a parade of events that had everyone questioning if they accidentally stumbled into a portal to a dimension where wealth grows on trees. But fear not, the countless memes and iconic moments birthed from these festivities are basically the only modern-day treasures we need - or so we tell ourselves to help us sleep at night. Who needs a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when you have Ambani memes for eternal amusement, right?


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