Cool tools for techies

Round-up of some funky tools, from robots to blue tooth headsets to wristband battery chargers.

September 06, 2011
Cool tools for techies

The Best Bluetooth Headset

This bluetooth headset consistently cancelled out background noise, provided the longest run time, and was the most comfortable to wear. In calls placed from inside an office, car, and train, this model's dual-microphone noise cancellation technology enabled conversations completely free of static, providing clear, crisp sound, unlike other models that produced static-ridden calls that sounded like they came from a tunnel. Its rechargeable battery provided seven hours of run time--the longest of any model tested--while providing up to six days of stand-by time. Easy to use, it provides simple voice alerts to notify its owner when in pairing mode, how much talk time remains, and when powering on/off.

Price Rs. 8,600

Wristband battery charger

One of the best parts of road trips is quality time playing our favorite handheld games. But the problem with long road trips is that you often exhaust the battery life of your gaming system before the point on the road trip where you really, really need it. The Wrist Charger, or as we like to call it, Bracer of Battery Life +2, straps comfortably to your wrist and plugs in to just about any electronic device you like. It'll power cell phones, mp3 players, gaming systems, or any device compatible with mini USB. Now you'll have plenty of power to get through long days traveling (or long lines at the DMV, we've been there, too!). When you reach your destination, simply plug your bracer in and charge its battery back up so you're ready with plenty of entertainment for the long trip home.

Price Rs. 3,300

Splitterbot headphones sharing Robot

Some robots are evil automatons hellbent on mankind's destruction, while others just want to help you share music with your friends. The Splitterbot is the friendly kind of robot. Pull off his head to reveal a male headphone plug... he doesn't mind. Pop his head on top of your iPhone, iPod or other similar audio playing device. Then plug a pair of headphones into each of his eye sockets. Splitterbot doesn't mind, he simply distributes your music to both sets of headphones so that you and a friend can listen at once. What a selfless robot he is... torturing himself for your pleasure. Seems like you could be a bit more appreciative of his efforts.

Price Rs. 520

1.3 Megapixel Digital Microscope

This 1.3 Megapixel Digital Microscope allows you to capture some higher resolution images and video and display them on your PC using a simple USB connection. View specimens collected around the house, backyard, your desk, or the fridge. Look at the micro-printing on a dollar bill or examine the traces on your motherboard. This microscope provides you an easy way to zoom in on a wide variety of objects to satisfy your curiosity of the world around you. Ever wondered what lint looks like or the mold growing on your week-old bagels? Now you can find out. Simple plug and play operation with included software that allows you to magnify objects and view them on your PC up to 200X and take snapshots and time-lapse movies. You can also manipulate images with drawing and painting tools.

Price Rs. 30,000

The Smartphone Home Monitor

This is the security camera that allows you to monitor your home from a smartphone. The camera sets up anywhere in a home and transmits realtime video over the Internet to an iPhone or Android-driven smartphone. A website allows you to pan the camera up to 270º and tilt it up to 125º for optimal remote positioning. The camera transmits 640 x 480 resolution video at 30 fps and has 15 infrared LEDs around the lens for night-vision surveillance. The camera's motion detector automatically sends you an email when it detects movement and saves a 30-second video recording to an SD card. Connects to a computer via the included Ethernet cable or WiFi.

Price:  $249.95

Published in @Internet Magazine, September 2011


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