‘Public anger’ to come out on Feb 8

Imran rejects probe into May 9 riots

News Desk January 24, 2024
Image shows Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan addressing his supporters in a video message released on social media on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.


Former prime minister Imran Khan on Wednesday rejected investigations carried out by the interim government into the May 9 incidents, saying no free and impartial probe into the matter had been conducted.

The PTI founder made these remarks during his informal conversation with journalists at Adiala Jail after the hearing of the cipher case.

Imran, who is in jail facing various cases, said unless those who stole the CCTV footage of attacks on GHQ, Jinnah House and other facilities were caught the truth could not come out.

“Whoever set the fire should be caught but first an independent investigation should be conducted,” he added.

Those involved in the riots should be arrested with the help of CCTV footage, Khan said, adding that CCTV footage of attacks on GHQ, Jinnah House and other buildings had disappeared. “We have videos showing Yasmin Rashid urging workers not to march towards the army house,” he added.

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The PTI founder further said that he has not met Sheikh Rashid in prison. “I have been detained, majority of army officers support the PTI. They (authorities) can do whatever they want. They can deprive the PTI of its symbol but they cannot beat the party in elections.”

“The interim government, Election Commission and the establishment have joined forces. Such pre-poll rigging has never happened in the history. They plan to rig the February polls as well. They are not giving the PTI the level-playing field. My hand is on people’s pulse. Public anger against them will come out on February 8. It’s not just election, it is struggle for real independence,” Khan added.

The PTI founder said he has applied for postal ballot and his only deal is holding of free and fair polls and restoration of democracy. He claimed that authorities’ mindset would harm the country.

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Criticizing the imposition of section 144, the PTI founder said the decision was taken after he announced plans to launch the election campaign. “Now the PTI would not be allowed to hold rallies. Nawaz Sharif is behind imposition of section 144 as no one was attending his rallies. Pro-PTI slogans are raised in Sharif’s meetings, while the Sharifs are confident that the path has been set for their return so there’s no need for any election campaign.”

Referring to reported arrests of PTI candidates, Khan said new candidates would be placed in case of arrest of any contender. “Our candidates are not being allowed to use my picture on their banners. Even they can’t mention prisoner number 804. On the other hand, independent candidates are being asked to use my picture. It shows how afraid they are,” the PTI founder added.


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