She will regret being born in Pakistan: Erica Robin's post sparks discussion about religion, culture

Model's post has received mixed reactions

Entertainment Desk January 23, 2024

Model Erica Robin faced a wave of criticism on her Instagram account following a recent post that showcased her in denim shorts, a cropped white top, and a shrug. The comments section became a battleground of opinions as many fans and followers voiced their critiques regarding her choice of attire. The public reaction highlights the ongoing debate and varying perspectives on fashion, modesty, and individual expression within the realm of social media and modelling.

One Instagram user commented, "Isn't she the one who was saying she dresses according to the culture? I have trust issues now." Another said, "Don't know why I can't unfollow you. I still like you a little bit but less, but I'm starting to dislike you, woman! Is it necessary to wear this kind of naked dress to fit in the people?" Yet another highlighted, "She will deeply regret being born in Pakistan."

However, amid the torrent of criticism aimed at the model for her recent Instagram post, there were voices that came to her defence as well. One Instagram user asserted, "You all should be proud of her instead of saying this and that about her! She represents our culture only at Miss Universe not at beaches." Another angered fan chided those coming for the model. They remarked, "What is wrong with you all? She only represents our culture in Miss Universe. She is a Pakistani minority. She can dress however she likes." 

One fan left a heartfelt comment. "I don't like Western attire at all. Pakistani dresses are the best. Yet I respect you a lot. You made history by presenting Pakistan in a decent way in the biggest contest in the world. You are a non-Muslim, you could easily [have chosen] to wear a bikini, but you chose to wear a burkini. Will always love you. Will tell my daughter about you when she will grow up. Respect."

This comes at a time when a snippet from the Adnan Faisal Podcast had been making the rounds. The model utilised the platform as an opportunity to address a pertinent distinction often blurred by societal misconceptions. Erica emphasised the differentiation between religion and culture, shedding light on her own experiences as a Christian. She clarified that while she follows the Christian faith, her fashion choices are guided by cultural norms rather than religious mandates.

Erica sought to dispel the common misunderstanding that being a Christian implies unrestricted choices in attire. She highlighted the prevailing misconception that associates a person's religious identity with a perceived lack of cultural modesty. The model emphasised that contrary to popular belief, no religion advocates for wearing anything without regard for cultural norms.

"I would like to clarify - people mix religion with culture," began Erica. "Yes, I'm a Christian, but my culture says I can't just wear anything. Outside, people have this misconception that because she's Christian, she's going to wear everything. That's their culture, not their religion. No religion says you do or wear whatever you want."

Previously, the model who has been making waves in the fashion and beauty scene, recently garnered attention at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. Her captivating presence and striking national costume paid homage to the rich tapestry of Pakistan's culture and history, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

One of the standout moments from Erica's Miss Universe journey was an official swimwear photo, where she adorned a breathtaking kaftan. This piece was a result of a collaboration between Erica and renowned designer Rubin Singer, in partnership with the Miss Universe Organization. The photo not only showcased Erica's elegance and style but also unveiled a unique swimsuit collection that is now available for purchase.

The caption accompanying these mesmerizing images announced the release of an exclusive swimsuit collection, allowing fans and fashion enthusiasts to acquire a piece of the glamour that adorned the Miss Universe stage. The collaboration between Erica, Rubin, and the Miss Universe Organization represented a fusion of fashion, culture, and global beauty standards, providing an opportunity for fans to connect with the beauty showcased on an international platform. This elaborate collaboration added a new dimension to Erica's influence in the fashion industry, extending beyond the pageant stage and into the realm of accessible and aspirational style.

For the national costume segment, Erica chose a Khaadi-designed ensemble, aptly named "Pehchaan," translating to 'Identity' in English. The caption detailed the significance of the costume, highlighting Erica's mission to celebrate the diverse culture, history, and lifestyle of Pakistan through her outfit. The star in question's message on her national costume was "unity in diversity by celebrating its own identity." 

Before that, Erica had openly stated, "For the first time ever, Pakistan will have a participant in the Miss Universe contest. I'm under a lot of pressure and have a lot of responsibility. However, I won't do anything that would harm the reputation of the country." The starlet has remained steadfast in that promise, showcasing her style game while keeping her country's sensibilities in mind. 

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