Three kids slain by mother

Suspect hospitalised in critical condition after consuming poison

Adeel Chaudhry January 19, 2024


A woman in killed her three children and consumed poison reportedly over a domestic dispute.

According to the police, the incident took place in Chak 14-L, where Rubina Kausar, 35, killed her three children by slitting their throats with a sharp instrument and later consumed poison. She was shifted to the Tehsil hospital where her condition was declared critical.

The woman's eight-year-old daughter Esha, six-year-old Sadia and two-year-old son Furqan were killed, while their four-year-old sister Fiza remained safe because she was sleeping with her grandmother in another room.

According to the husband of the suspect, Kashif Javed, Kausar had been demanding a separate house.

Kasowal police registered a case against the woman on the complaint of her husband and started the investigation.

The deceased children were buried in a local cemetery after funeral prayers. A large number of local residents participated in the funeral amidst an atmosphere of mourning in the locality.

Sahiwal RPO Mehboob Rasheed directed DPO Faisal Shahzad to keep him informed about progress in the case.

Earlier, just a month ago in December last year, in the Dijkot area a financially distressed man took the lives of his wife and three daughters, employing a lethal combination of poisoning and fatal blows with a hammer before ending his own life by consuming poisonous pills.

The incident occurred in Chak 271, RB, within the jurisdiction of the Dijkot police station.

Mohammad Tahir, 55, succumbed to the burdens of poverty.

In a horrifying turn of events, he administered a drug-laced meal to his 45-year-old wife Naheed Akhtar and three daughters Zehra Fatima, 12, Hiba Tahir, 17 and Raisa Tahir, 19, rendering them unconscious.

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Taking a hammer to their heads, Tahir brutally ended their lives. In a final act of despair, he ingested pills hidden within a batch of wheat. The tragedy unfolded in darkness and by dawn, Tahir changed into fresh clothes and sought solace in the company of worshipers at the local mosque.

Tahir, who worked in the field of medicines, left behind a heart-wrenching will obtained by The Express Tribune. In the document, he cited his incapacitation to provide for his family due to financial struggles and debts.

Tahir’s distress pushed him to make the agonising decision to end the lives of his wife and daughters before taking his own.

The Express Tribune learnt that Tahir took this extreme step independently, emphasising that no one else was involved in the tragic decision. In the will, he acknowledged the significant burden he was leaving for his brothers and sisters.

In June 2023, an eight-year-old girl and her 12-year-old brother were strangled to death in Azeem Town area of Bahawalnagar.

Area police said the deceased Khadija and Ahmed Yar had been killed at their home. Police officials told The Express Tribune that they suspected that the parents of the children had murdered them.

A forensic team collected evidence from the crime scene.

Faqirwali Police Station SHO Faraz Ahmad Wattoo said the father of the children, Nadeem, had gone missing after fleeing from the house.

He said the investigators suspected on the basis of their initial findings that the children’s father and mother had murdered them.

The mother of the deceased children was arrested.

The police said the motive behind the double murder was unclear. They said a police team had been formed to arrest Nadeem.

The bodies of the children were shifted to a local hospital, while investigations into the incident were under way, local police officials said.

On June 3, police in Lahore apprehended a grandfather, who had kidnapped and murdered his six-year-old grandson in a plot to marry his daughter-in-law.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 19th, 2024.


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