Aseefa advocates for women empowerment at Tando Allahyar rally

Her address resonates with principles outlined in Bilawal’s 'Awami Muashi Muahida'

Our Correspondent January 17, 2024
Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari addressing a women’s workers convention in Shahpur Rizvi area of Sindh’s Tando Allahyar district on Wednesday. PHOTO: EXPRESS


Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari, daughter of former president Asif Ali Zardari and former prime minister late Benazir Bhutto on Wednesday delivered a compelling address at a women’s workers convention, highlighting the significance of women’s rights and economic independence.

The event took place in Shahpur Rizvi area of Sindh’s Tando Allahyar district and resonated with the principles outlined in her brother and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari’s 'Awami Muashi Muahida' – a comprehensive 10-point economic plan aimed at revitalising and reimagining Pakistan's economy.

Commencing her speech with a heartfelt tribute to Benazir, Aseefa emphasised the pivotal role her mother played in championing women's rights. She lauded key initiatives introduced under Benazir Bhutto's leadership, such as women’s police stations, the Lady Health Worker Programme, and the First Women’s Bank, which revolutionised women's roles in Pakistan.

Aseefa then seamlessly connected these historic efforts to Bilawal’s contemporary economic vision, specifically focusing on elements of the 'Awami Muashi Muahida' that directly impact women.

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Quoting Bilawal’s commitment to women’s economic participation, Aseefa reiterated, "Our agenda includes ensuring equal pay for equal work for women and promoting female entrepreneurship through microfinance and skill development programs."

This reflects the Pakistan Peoples Party’s commitment to narrowing gender gaps in the workforce and supporting women-owned businesses, she added.

Underlining the importance of education and healthcare, which are integral to the 10-point agreement, Aseefa stated, "An educated woman uplifts her entire family. Our commitment to enhancing healthcare and education for women is unwavering."

She pointed to past PPP successes, including the Lady Health Workers programme, as evidence of their enduring commitment to these critical sectors.

Addressing the challenges faced by rural women, Aseefa stressed, "The PPP understands the unique challenges faced by our rural sisters. Land rights, agricultural reforms, and access to credit are integral to our economic plan, empowering women as both beneficiaries and decision-makers."

In a critique of the opposition, she emphasised the PPP's focus on uplifting the majority, especially women who form the backbone of society. Aseefa urged attendees to support local PPP candidates Zulfiqar Ali Bachani, Syed Zia Abbas Shah Rizvi, and Imdad Pitafi, encouraging them to elect these candidates to strengthen the people's mandate.

Urging support for Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, she implored, "On February 8, vote for the Arrow. Empower Bilawal to implement this vision for a prosperous and equitable Pakistan, where women lead at the forefront."

Aseefa concluded with a call for unity, stating, "Together, we can change our nation’s destiny. The PPP is committed to creating a Pakistan where every woman, regardless of her background, has the opportunity to thrive."


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