Durefishan praises Mikaal for not shying away from 'playing the bad guy in a woman's story'

Meanwhile, Kiran Malik reflected on her character and its challenges

Entertainment Desk December 28, 2023

The Pakistani television serial Jese Apki Marzi has been making waves, not just for its gripping storyline but also for the stellar performances of its cast. Lead actors Mikaal Zulfiqar, Durefishan Saleem, and Kiran Malik have recently penned heartfelt notes, expressing their gratitude and emotions as the show achieves resounding success.

Durefishan Saleem, one of the key actors in the serial, took to her Instagram Stories to appreciate her co-star Mikaal Zulfiqar. In a heartfelt post, she lauded Mikaal for his convincing portrayal of the character Sherry, describing him as the perfect actor for the role. Durefishan expressed her admiration, saying, "To @mikaalzulfiqar for making Sherry so believable [and] not shying away from playing the bad guy in a woman's story. To more amazing powerful actors like you."

In response, Mikaal Zulfiqar thanked Durefishan for her kind words and also commended her own performance. He expressed his appreciation, stating, "Thank you @durefishans. You also played the role to perfection. Was very impressed with your performance, very believable and natural. Much love."

Kiran Malik, another prominent actor in the serial, chose to share her thoughts through an elaborate note on her Instagram. Alongside a photo featuring Javed Sheikh and Mikaal Zulfiqar, Kiran reflected on the profound personal milestone that Jese Apki Marzi represents for her. She acknowledged the challenging yet emotionally rewarding experience of portraying the character Natasha.

Expressing her gratitude for the appreciation received, Kiran looked forward to bringing more diverse and compelling stories to life on screen. She shared, "As the final chapter of Natasha’s journey has unfolded, my heart overflows with immense gratitude for those who appreciated the effort I put in to embody her unique personality. This marks just the beginning to the many stories I am keen to bring to life on screen."

Kiran emphasized the significance of sincerity and honesty in an actor's craft, attributing the success of Natasha's character to these values. Anticipating future opportunities to connect with audiences and evoke emotions, she concluded her note with hope for more impactful narratives in the days ahead.

As Jese Apki Marzi continues to captivate audiences, the heartfelt expressions from the cast members reflect not only the success of the show but also the deep connection they have developed with their characters and the viewers. 

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